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Bringing the Indoors Out

By Sam Wilson - August 10, 2017

FD Building Remodel is an agile construction and renovation firm co-founded by Dennis Ketcham and Michael Alberti, two experienced carpenters with a deep understanding of the craft and business of building and remodeling. With over 30 years of experience between them and a fresh approach to project management, Dennis and Mike work to marry an artisan’s attention to work quality and detail with a focus on efficiency and innovation.

Living in the Hamptons, we try to spend as much time outside as possible – at the beach, by the pool – any way we can enjoy the beautiful environment we live in. Outdoor entertaining is the latest trend – dining and cooking in our own backyard. Since kitchens are one of the central rooms of the house, and one of the most powerful places to improve the value of a home, why not take them outdoors?

HRES: What do most homeowners want in an outdoor kitchen?

Dennis Ketcham: Let’s face it… July 1st, the Hamptons goes into party mode. With that being said, what I’ve found, from both my own pool house and outdoor kitchen area, and also from becoming friends with the clients I’ve built outdoor spaces for; is that it keeps any mess from entertaining and company outdoors. Guests and guests’ children aren’t schlepping into the house to use the bathroom, the blender explosion didn’t happen in the kitchen, but rather on the outdoor countertop, and the margarita doesn’t stain the sofa but rather outdoor fabrics! We can hose it all down at the end of the night and do it again tomorrow!

HRES: What features do you consider most important in an outdoor kitchen?

DK: It certainly depends on the client and the type of entertaining. In a formal entertaining environment with staff, then ambiance exceeds actual usage; lighting, furnishings and audio/video. But in an informal setting (which is more of my customers), refrigerated storage, temperature-controlled pool house to escape the heat, built-in BBQ and audio/video are most important.

HRES: Will Remodel handle everything for the homeowner from design, permits, to building the outdoor kitchen?

DK: Absolutely – as much or as little as the client needs. We also own a construction company to handle the execution: FD Building Co.

“People are asking more and more about outdoor kitchens,” Ketcham says. FD Building Remodel provides their clients with what they want. Check out the latest outdoor kitchen and bar added to this modern Shelter Island home displayed above. And for more projects, visit them online at fdbuilding.com for a complete gallery of images.

FD Building Remodel is conveniently located at 26 Jagger Lane, Southampton.

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