Luxe Outdoor Living

For Hamptonites, outdoor rooms are just as important as indoors. It’s time to start designing your perfect space for entertaining al fresco this spring.

Finding Tranquility

We live in a fast-paced world and sometimes we just need to slow down. You can’t always take a vacation, but you can take a break, right where you live. Moments of peace and serenity can be as close as your back door. Here are some ways to create your own peaceful haven in your own backyard.

Bringing the Inside Out

Real estate listings often tout a property’s ability to bring the outside in—but for homeowners, bringing the inside out is becoming just as popular. In the Hamptons, outdoor living is a key trend; high-end backyards are being outfitted with outdoor TVs, kitchens boasting every appliance, and the latest technology to control it all, matching and sometimes surpassing the features indoors.

Lit From Within

Wish you could improve the lighting in your home without bringing in a construction crew? Here’s your solution. Lighting designer Caitlin Faron doesn’t deal in quick fixes. Working in collaboration with residential architects, she creates lighting schemes for new construction and major renovation projects that are carefully considered things of beauty.

Tom Samet & Nathan Wold

“I would say my decorating style is influenced by the gracious country houses found in Locust Valley, on the North Shore of Long Island where I was raised,” shares Tom Samet. Unafraid of color, pattern, and texture, Tom creates spaces that are not only beautifully layered, but are also livable and practical for families with children and pets and are easy to entertain in.

New Construction in the Hamptons

As spring approaches, new construction remains strong in the Hamptons. According to many builders, construction quality has improved dramatically, people prefer to buy new rather than renovate, and prices will stabilize or even come down, as inventory from the building boom is still plentiful.

Architectural Trends

It’s finally spring, and thoughts turn to building that dream home in the Hamptons. What style of house should you choose? A starkly modern glass box, a traditional shingled gambrel, or a transitional style somewhere in the middle? You likely have a long laundry list of likes, must-haves, and dream features...

Landscaping for Privacy

Whether you spend time in your East End home during the summer season or all year ‘round, privacy is probably important to you. And it seems harder to come by all the time. There’s more traffic on the roads. The quiet of a weekend morning is often shattered by whining leaf blowers and buzzing lawnmowers.

Ring Around the Rosy

For the first time PANTONE’s Color of the Year blends two shades of a beautiful Hamptons sunset – Rose Quartz and Serenity, offering a softer take on color for 2016

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