Baked Earth

Unless you’re a landscape designer or an architect or a committed gardener, you may not have heard of Siebert & Rice, but chances are you’ve seen their elegant terracotta pots from Tuscany. On the East End of Long Island, one need...

Whiter Than White

In the Hamptons, wherever you go, in grand estates or more humble homes, you’ll see it: a kitchen outfitted with an ocean of gleaming white marble. “White marble has been the standard in the Hamptons for as long as I can remember,” ...

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Timothy Whealon specializes in high-end interior design with a focus rooted in classicism, however, he approaches each project with a 21st Century eye that makes them both modern and timeless. For the 2016 Kips Bay Decorator Show...

Under One Roof

Inside an unassuming building on East Hampton’s Gingerbread Lane is a bustling hive of activity. In the front is a chic store purveying a dazzling selection of home furnishings and art. In the back is a studio where half a dozen artisans toil...

Hot in the Kitchen

For the kitchen that has everything, there is always room for improvement – a new gadget here, an updated appliance there. Local experts hold forth on the latest kitchen trends...

Take it Outside

Being “house proud” in the Hamptons doesn’t just apply to interior design, outdoor rooms are equally important for East End entertaining mavens. Set your style with the inspirations below..

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Surrounding your home with a beautiful landscape not only integrates your home into its setting and enhances the view from your windows; studies have shown repeatedly that good landscaping also enhances property values. But keeping the landscape looking good throughout the season and year after year requires work.

Luxe Outdoor Living

For Hamptonites, outdoor rooms are just as important as indoors. It’s time to start designing your perfect space for entertaining al fresco this spring.

Finding Tranquility

We live in a fast-paced world and sometimes we just need to slow down. You can’t always take a vacation, but you can take a break, right where you live. Moments of peace and serenity can be as close as your back door. Here are some ways to create your own peaceful haven in your own backyard.

Bringing the Inside Out

Real estate listings often tout a property’s ability to bring the outside in—but for homeowners, bringing the inside out is becoming just as popular. In the Hamptons, outdoor living is a key trend; high-end backyards are being outfitted with outdoor TVs, kitchens boasting every appliance, and the latest technology to control it all, matching and sometimes surpassing the features indoors.

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