MKL Construction Corp.

Building dream homes in the Hamptons for over half a century, Vice-President and CEO of MKL Construction Corp. Philip D. Kouffman talks about his role in building the Hamptons.

James McAdam: Designer Extrodinaire

Q: What is your design philosophy? A: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. Its not hip to just spend money...Did i just say hip? Ha! You have to look for those hidden treasures that make your home YOU! Before starting my interior design firm in 2008, I spent...

Enchanted April: Springtime Gardening Tips

They say that April showers bring May flowers to a garden, but when it comes to the Hamptons no one likes rain regardless of the season. You can’t blame us, as the Hamptons’ appeal is built on social gatherings, overnight guests and lots of dining out and parties—all things that are less enjoyable when it’s raining.

Michael Davis: The Hamptons Quintessential Designer

Michael Davis is synonymous with Hamptons building and architecture. Find out his perspective on desiging and building homes in the hamptons. Q: If  “location” is the first rule in real estate, what is the second? A: It is all about the “view” - either water or an agricultural preserve. I have always felt that an agricultural preserve is the next best thing to waterfront without any of the risk...

Going Green: A look at Green Design in the Hamptons

Renew, reuse, and recycle: the buzzwords of the new millennium are making their way into the homes of the Hamptons. From a home built using renewable energy, to an award winning “Green Ribbon” middle school, to a “green” builder who uses sustainable materials, to the largest...

Barn Again: The Barn Makes A Comeback in the Hamptons

In the Hamptons, barns come in all sizes, shapes and functions. From the modern barn design for chic homes to the subtle architecture of a famous art museum, to a tony store in East Hampton, the traditional barn, long associated with potato farming on Long Island has been reinvented into a modern day icon here to stay.

Chi-lightful: A look at Feng Shui in Home Design

With so many design options to make your home soothing and comfortable, one enduring design practice is the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Pronounced “fung shway,” it literally translates into “wind-water”. Feng Shui has a 3,000-year history, and in its simplest terms, is the practice of aligning energy known as “Chi,” to optimize health, happiness, wealth and success.

Hot In The Hamptons

A trip to the spa leaves you feeling like a new person.  So why go out when relaxation can come to you?  Building the ultimate in home pampering is becoming the new normal for many Hamptons’ homeowners. Bud Handel from East End Spa Service, in the business over 25 years, finds...

Hampton Winter Wonderland Garden

Nature creates winter wonderlands all around us and in order to design your personal winter garden, one begins by having a vision. By combining interesting shaped trees, plant and sometimes organic artifacts, boulders, or seating elements your vision then becomes your own artistic statement.

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