The Winter Landscape

The bright colors of summer flowers are behind us now, and autumn’s blaze of foliage will soon be over until next year. But as the East End heads into winter there is still beauty to be found in home landscapes...

The Art of De-Cluttering

Hoarders take note: there is hope. In case you’ve missed the buzz, two years ago when Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo published her guide to de-cluttering your home, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it sold millions of copies and counting...

Keep Calm and Stay Comfy

It’s a hard, cold world out there—so it’s important to make your home a haven for relaxation. To find out more, we asked some local interior designers for tips on making a comfortable home...

Breathe Easy

I have a friend with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), a horrible condition that entails her sucking on an oxygen tank daily and getting intravenous vitamin drips twice a week – just for living in the modern age. To make matters worse, her antiquated Southampton Village bungalow has been besieged with mold, so she’s looking to buy a new house. This is not an easy task...

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Tropical deforestation is responsible for 10 percent of all global warming emissions, not to mention obliterating critical habitats of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. We can all do our part by cutting down on demand. Here are some worthy alternatives to exotic hardwoods...

Green With Envy

We live on one of the most exquisite spots on the planet, which should make us want to safeguard our environment. While some homeowners seem to care only for making a huge visual impact, others are concerned with not impacting the area’s natural beauty...

The Midas Touch

or years the go-to metal tone of choice was silver. Think polished chrome, as de rigueur in a Hamptons kitchen as a Braun coffee maker. But the modern kitchens and bathrooms so prevalent here now beg for a measure of warmth...

Building in the Hamptons

ou’ve finally decided: this is the year you’re going to build your own home in the Hamptons. But how do you get started? Do you choose an architect or a builder first? What about location: where’s a smart place to build? Is the budget you have in mind realistic?

Fiery Foliage

Autumn is upon us, and here on the East End we get to enjoy some of the finest weather of the year, with cloudless blue skies above a landscape suffused in mellow golden light. Other days are gray, dramatically blustery and cloudswept...

Pembrooke Fine Landscapes

Have you ever wished that you could have a fully-equipped sports bar right in your own home? Dream no more... because time after time, Pembrooke Fine Landscapes has created environments that exceed expectations...

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