Hampton Habitues

It’s been a very busy season. And we’ve got the unforgettable experiences (and photo documentation!) to prove it...

Haute Spot

Converging on 65 verdant acres of the Hampton Classic’s established Bridgehampton show grounds during the final days of August and first of September each year, it’s here that riders and their equine counterparts travel from nearby...

Jake Rajs Magical Lensman

When Jake Rajs published his 2008 book, These United States, with an introduction by Walter Cronkite, Reader’s Digest wrote: “Not since Ansel Adams turned his lens on the Snake River has a photographer so glorified the American landscape...

Food With A Sense Of Place

Growing up in Corsica, Alex Apparu, the chef at Southampton’s Tutto il Giorno, waited tables from an early age at his parents’ restaurants. His dad’s place was in the mountains, and it presented the young waiter with no particular challenges. His mother’s place was a different story. Located within the walls of a thirteenth century ...

Haute Spot

Everyone knows that Nancy Atlas is a serious rocker. But there’s more to this mistress of music than meets the ear. And the eye too. After attending one of her sold-out summer shows at the Surf Lodge, winter Fireside Sessions at Bay Street Theater or annual free...

Unmatched Waterfront Dining at The Pridwin Hotel

From the shores of the North Fork or from a boat traveling the Peconic River from the bay to the sound, a grand white structure sits peacefully atop a hill for all to see that pass by. A steep and lush green lawn spans the front of the building, while large trees shroud the surrounding property. It’s hidden away and protected by the ...

Object Lessons

North Fork-based ceramicist Chris Fanjul is a winemaker’s apprentice gone wrong. A former cellar rat at Paumanok Vineyards, in Aquebogue, he quit the business when he realized that owning his own winery wasn’t in his immediate future. Having majored in anthropology in college...

Bringing Health Home

Have you ever wished you could peek into a nutritionist’s fridge? See what she (or he) really eats in a single day? Rather than make choices, wouldn’t it be simpler if you could just befriend a nutritionist, adopt that person’s style of eating, and be done with all thoughts of food? Not forever, of course, but maybe for a couple of weeks?...

Marais Modern

August is an underrated time to visit Paris. In that month, it seems as though half the city has decamped to the beach. The streets are quiet, the blare of traffic having given way to a kind of Sunday-morning hush. And speaking of mornings, one of the nicest ways to spend it is with a stroll around the Marais in the third and fourth arrondissements...

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