By Grace Alexander After a series of poses we landed for a few breaths in downward dog as the welcome warmth of the equatorial sun peeked through openings in our thatched-roof yoga palapa. Perched on stilts 30 feet above the beach, we could see the vibrant turquoise of the Caribbean Sea through the palm fronds that fluttered at eye level, the sea breeze caressing us. There were 15 of us on a yoga retreat hosted by the comely Jessica Bellofatto, a legendary yogini with a loyal following at Kama Deva, her East Hampton studio. She also cofounded Sag Harbor’s Yoga Shanti, but that is another story. Jessica is not just beautiful on the outside – think glacial eyes – she also seems to glow from within. And she is down to earth and nurturing. In her entourage are her boyfriend and kids, a willowy fifth grader who does contortions on her paddleboard and a two-year-old girl already braving the surf.