There is a transition happening in how we supply and use energy. Below is a conversation with Gordian Raacke of Renewable Energy Long Island which promotes clean, sustainable energy use and generation on Long Island. What is happening with the way we supply and use energy? Today’s antiquated energy system is very inefficient and convoluted. Let’s look at electricity for example. We still use the same basic model Thomas Edison used in 1882. We go far and wide, drill holes, dig sand pits that can be seen from space, remove mountain tops to obtain coal, oil, gas or uranium. We build massive pipelines and infrastructure to transport and process these fuels long distances. Huge, centralized power plants burn these fuels (or start an atomic reaction) to boil water to run turbines to produce electricity. The electricity goes over hundreds of miles of transmission wires, is reduced in voltage at substations and prior to using it at home - all so we can plug in a water kettle to make tea.