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A Day With… The Sarraf + Hoffman + Beck Team

By Claudette Greenstein - September 20, 2019

Current Status: Agents at Compass

Name Your Hamptons Happy Place: CS & CB: Definitely happiest in our gardens, at the Montauket, at the ocean, on the bay. Anywhere near the water and either paddle boarding or kayaking in Sag Harbor.

AH: Anywhere with my daughter Waverly.

Phrase You Hear Most In Real Estate: Real estate must be so easy, you don’t really work full time do you?

Fantasy Super Power: It’s a tie, mind reading so we finally know what our buyers and clients are thinking…and the ability to Fly! – we could regain hours of our lives avoiding traffic.

Team Mantra: We have three! 1- There is no buyer too difficult, no seller too unreasonable. 2- Whatever it takes to get the job done! And, 3- If you build it, we will sell it…

#1 reason for becoming a team: There is power in numbers and we each bring a different skillset to the team so the opportunity to collaborate, share the ups and downs of a challenging industry and grow our business while having some fun along the way.

Proudest Moment To Date: Building the Team and nailing our first pitch together.

Current Favorite Style Home – Modern, Traditional, Farmhouse: So many to choose from. CS: Less is more these days so a charming, bay front cottage would be a dream! I’m drawn to simple farmhouses and soulful modern homes. AH: Barn style modern. CB: As my tastes have changed, I have new-found appreciation for modern, always love farmhouse style.

Team’s Current Mood: Busy, optimistic and excited for the fall buying season.

Favorite Hamptons Dinner Spot: CS: The Dockside and The Beacon are like family to me in Season. American Hotel Bar and Fresno in Fall. Also love 1770 House during the winter Holidays! AH: The East Hampton Grill. CB: Summertime… The Beacon on the deck, Winter – the American Hotel cozy by the fire.

Favorite Movie: CS: The original Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway – clever, crafty and Super Sexy. AH: Love Actually. CB: Always The Godfather.

Favorite Book: CS: Anything by Saul Bellow, Kurt Vonnegut, Henry James. AH: Night by Eli Wiesel CB: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Team’s Favorite Season: Early Summer and Fall.

The Sarraf + Hoffman + Beck Team,

Licensed Real Estate Salespersons
Compass | shbteam@compass.com
Caroline Sarraf 631.871.6104
Alyra Hoffman 631.276.5960
Cynthia Beck 917.951.8642

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