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Lobsters No More!

By Debra Scott - October 20, 2017

Goodbye bibs and lobster crackers. If all goes according to plan, what locals know as the Lobster Inn (recently named the Lobster Grill Inn) and its 11-acre property, will be purchased for $8.5 M by Southampton Town and converted to a shellfish hatchery and educational facility.

Almost 10 acres of the Shinnecock Hills property will be purchased via Community Preservation Fund revenues according to 27East. The deal for a one-acre swath, which includes a house, will also entail $1.2 million from CPF funds set aside for water quality improvement and sewage treatment.

While the purchase was expected to take place this week, the resolution to authorize the acquisition has been postponed a month and tabled for November 13.

The three adjoining parcels include “waterfront land, a dock with 48 boat slips, and access to both Cold Spring Pond and Peconic Bay.”

But wait, there’s potential good news. There still could be an eatery on the property providing it doesn’t take over the entire restaurant premises. CPF manager Mary Wilson thinks that a small clam bar might be just the thing. Rejoice for melted butter!

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