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Yo Ho Ho, a Pirate’s Home for Sale

By HRES Staff Writer - August 1, 2017

Say “ahoy” to this incredible waterfront estate, built in 1905 on High Island, rumored hideout of Captain William Kidd.

This home near Branford, Connecticut, is so much more than your typical seaside getaway. It’s a unique setting, surrounded by natural beauty—and a pirate’s tale. To understand how it all came to be, allow us to provide a brief history lesson.

You see, legend has it that the seafaring Scotsman, Captain William Kidd, while evading the British Navy in the early 20th century, buried secret treasure in the Thimble Islands, an archipelago off the coast of modern-day Connecticut. This rocky chain, comprised of hundreds of small islands, most of which remain hidden underwater, is home to fantastic folklore. Inhospitable for crops, the smattering of pink granite boulders originally served as a fishing hub for locals. But interest in the islands changed after the first hotel was built in 1846, marketing itself as a getaway for treasure-hunting adventure seekers. More hotels and resorts followed, and a bustling community was forged, only to collapse after the Great Depression, leaving behind the quiet residential harbor you’ll find today. And now, more than three hundred years after the famous sailor-turned-pirate frequented the island chain, a piece of its rich history is up for grabs. And that’s where this four-bedroom, three-bath cottage enters the picture.

Nestled in a natural harbor, the island sanctuary is a one-of-a-kind destination. A respite from the everyday hustle and bustle of mainland life, the cedar-shingled home exudes coziness and offers amenities richer than any pirate’s booty. In fact, despite a short fifteen-minute ferry ride to the nearest interstate and its proximity to Boston and New York City, you’d rarely want to leave the island enclave. Special amenities include a clay tennis court, large grass grove for badminton or bocce, two docks, a harbor for up to eight boats, sand beach with kayak, small boat launch and storage, and an amazing garden.

Whether you come seeking adventure—or buried treasure—stay for the serene seascape, and toast Captain Kidd with a rum cocktail.

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