Thursday, December 01
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Hosting an end of summer soirée in the sand is a favorite Hamptons tradition. Add some style with these key pieces.
Summer is in the rearview mirror, and all too soon autumn will be winding down. Winter waits in the wings. For those of us who live here year-round, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have plants in bloom in the winter? That winter miracle is entirely possible…even easy to attain.
Size doesn’t matter, at least not if Christopher Burch is correct. Tory’s ex and the entrepreneur behind her fashion line and highly ambitious but now defunct retail chain, C. Wonder, is betting on little houses. You might think that the Hamptons, with their ego-driven mammoth mansions, would be the last place on earth to showcase a tiny, prefab (horrors!) abode.
When Sag Harbor photographer Blair Seagram attended a cocktail party/open house this summer at “The Back Bay,” an enchanting waterfront property in Water Mill, she was pleasantly surprised to find one of her photographs hanging in the entry foyer – a print of a field at the corner of Scuttlehole and Mitchell’s Lane – that the owner had purchased at a Clothes Line Sale at Guild Hall.
An Amagansett electrical contractor designed the house of his dreams. No one would ever guess that the main parts came from a factory.
Real estate brokers get to see the inside of our houses, right? So we thought it only fair to take a peek inside theirs for a change. Herewith is the first installment in an ongoing series. Bibliophile Extraordinaire
Page Six has reported that the Clintons will be renting for the second summer running an Amagansett house owned by “Republican art collector Andre Nasser” and his wife, “real estate guru” Lois for the last two weeks in August. Price tag: $100,000. The paper implied that this was a huge amount to pay.
It’s been a fantastic summer in the Hamptons, with the real estate market very dynamic. With prices at an all time high, lots of inventory, and new construction booming, the Hamptons market is strong. Traditionally, the fall season has always been a busy time for Hamptons real estate.