A Curated Space

The place we call home is an extension of our being. It expresses our individual personality, bringing out unique characteristics...

Bedtime For The Garden

Winter is a time of rest for gardeners in the Hamptons. But before winter sets in, it’s wise to clean up the garden...

Light the Night

If you’re going to be outdoors at night, you’re going to need lights in the landscape, on decks, and on patios. Lighting is a practical concern, of course. You need it ...

Sight & Sound

HiFrame USA’s horizontal glass strip gives you a luxury design solution without compromise...

10 Decorating Ideas for Your Hamptons Summer Home

Whether you’re a new Hamptons homeowner looking to customize your own living space or a longtime resident wanting a fresh start, there’s a lot you can do to achieve a light, breezy aesthetic. Using a blend of classic furniture pieces...

Equestrian Must Haves

If you love the Hampton Classic, this is the hat for you. Not only does it boast the Hampton Classic logo, it supports a good cause. Add the logo from one of 10 charities in the running to benefit from

Perfect Patios

Decks are part of many – if not most – Hamptons homes. But patios also have their place, providing outdoor living space, whether adjacent to the house or set away from it. A patio helps to connect

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