Setting The Table

Iris Dankner, founder of Holiday House Hamptons, celebrates life & tablescapes in a new iteration of her mission to showcase the best in interior design and to raise critical funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Light It Up!

Originally developed by NASA for increasing plant growth, this light therapy has come a long way.

Tech Must Haves

Outdoors or in, these tech products look, act, and keep you cool. Be in-the-know and get your favorite new tech.

Hive Magic!

There are so many reasons to keep honey bees. For us it’s mostly for pollination and that delicious honey that they magically produce.

At Home

Say My Name, Say My Name: Not only a hit song, but also a hit Hamptons design trend. it’s time to take things personally! 

Hydrangea Heaven

The signature flower of the Hamptons can be found everywhere from gardens, to tabletop decor, and charming accessories.

Finding the Soul of the Home

Second homes are being converted to primary homes and a wide swath of city dwellers decided to ditch the city for more space, safety and connection to nature.

The Coolest Convertible of Summer

Handcrafted in Britain, the third-generation Bentley Continental GT W12 Convertible combines focused performance with handcrafted luxury and cutting-edge technology to create one of the finest Grand Tourers ever produced.