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Cordless lamps are stylish and convenient for use in spaces where electrical outlets aren’t readily available or where cords could pose a tripping danger. They’re safer than candles. And they come in handy during a power outage.
The Tribeca loft was transformed by Holland into an intimate Paris apartment with carefully chosen art, furniture, lighting and small, beautiful objects.
From Southampton to Montauk, restaurateurs are stepping up their design, embracing sleek and modern looks to bring their spaces into the foreground of design.
Design-lovers like me should know that a light switch can, in fact, make or break a room.
Adam Baranello is a bit of a modern renaissance man, a multidisciplinary artist making music, dance, fashion, film and paintings. And just like the label he designed for the special edition of Channing Daughter’s wine, it is all done with heart.
So what are the latest trends in smart home technology that you need to know? We’ve got you covered. 
You’d be hard-pressed to find a destination more beautiful than Charleston, South Carolina, in spring.
The legendary Windmill house in Amagansett has come on the market. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller shared many private times here in the 1950s.
Theresa Roden, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of i-tri was recently featured as a guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show.