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It’s summertime and the water is calling. Whether you choose beach or pool, you want to be prepared.
Everything from a coat of paint to simple decorative throw pillows can create a refreshing light and breezy mood.
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Which shape is the fairest of them all? Curves, diamonds, hexagons, arches. Never have there been so many shapes from which to choose. 
Cordless lamps are stylish and convenient for use in spaces where electrical outlets aren’t readily available or where cords could pose a tripping danger. They’re safer than candles. And they come in handy during a power outage.
Viva Magenta 18-1750 is the color of the year for 2023. It's a crimson red, hot pink, fuchsia, raspberry, and maroon, all at once. 
Travel is back and the luggage industry has responded with a wealth of new options from high tech materials to hues that could rival the 64-color crayon box.
Instead of rushing out on Black Friday to the nearest box stores to see what sales are launching, help support the East End’s local businesses by shopping at some of our homegrown spots instead...
A chair is a chair is a chair. Not necessarily so when it was designed by the legendary Charles Eames and his wife Ray Eames for the Herman Miller Company...
Known for its retro refrigerators, SMEG has incorporated a 1950s era aesthetic into this thoroughly modern kettle.
Rounding out your kitchen with some striking conversation pieces can make your home feel new, not to mention more functional and safe.