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Accessories are what makes or marks a woman,” proclaimed Coco Chanel. We think they make or mark a garden too.
By HRES Staff Writer - April 6, 2018

A Light Touch
Light your way to your outdoor festivities with this chic stainless steel torch with beechwood stake by blomus. Isn’t it time to do away with candles in paper bags? $50. Available at Unlimited Earth Care Garden Concept Store in Bridgehampton.

Oh So Camp
What’s a garden without a pink flamingo? Here’s to hoping that irony is alive and well in the Hamptons. Handcrafted of metal by artisans in the US. Large size $225, small $125. Available at Wittendale’s Florist in East Hampton.


Slow Down
As you putter around in your garden grab this chic tortoise shell patterned metallic glazed ceramic stool to take a break. Sometimes you just need to slow down to a turtle’s pace. $495. Available at Mecox Gardens in Southampton.

Grace of God
If you can’t make it to Greece, second best is this antique garden statue that will make you feel like you’re at the Parthenon. The hand-carved piece, in which the figure is holding a bundle of wheat coming in from the harvest, is called Autumn and is part of a four-season series. $9,500. Available at Marders in Bridgehampton.

Touch wood
These huge stylish planters are made of a hundred percent fiberglass with a wood veneer, making them so light they can be easily placed wherever your outdoor décor warrants. Smaller size 27.5” height for $399, larger size 35.4” height for $499.  Available at C. Whitmore Gardens in Amagansett.

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