HRES takes you on an exclusive tour inside a recently renovated Lazy Point beach cottage with interior designer, Kate Davis.
An estate in Southampton designed by Gilded Age architect Grosvenor Atterbury is for sale.
Knotting Hill Ikat Linens. Starting at $95.
If the idea of Frenchifying a house in the Hamptons strikes you as a design concept better left on the drawing table, well, you’re not alone...
Thoughtful function paired with a minimalist aesthetic, muted color palettes and the magic of smart appliances are giving rise to the “New Modern” in kitchens...
Gardening is a rewarding and even healing activity, and also gives us the benefit of fresh-picked food, beautiful flowers and soothing greenery, not to mention time spent in the fresh air instead of in front of a screen.
I’ve always been drawn to the process of creating beautiful kitchens. In the early 2000s, I was working in London, running a kitchen design company where I sold products from a range of brands. Across the pond, Paul Kropp was busy hand-crafting custom wood furniture out of his woodshop in Michigan. After moving to the U.S, where I spent a brief spell with a high end kitchen design company based in CT, in 2006 I followed my passion for designing luxury kitchens and founded Bakes & Company. In 2011, I started working with Paul, combining my designs with his construction, and very soon it became clear that there was a synergy to the relationship that needed to be developed more fully. In 2014, we decided to make our partnership official. Thus, Bakes & Kropp was born, out of a vision to build a legacy of fine design and craftsmanship and to create one-of-a-kind luxury kitchens for beautiful homes across the country.
Not only a gathering place for family, the kitchen is also the place where memories are homemade!
In spring our gardens come alive, and bulbs are the first flowers to bloom in many East End gardens.
City’s Nolita neighborhood, but has summered in the Hamptons since she was a young girl. With a foot in both places, her style is an amalgam of downtown chic and beachy boho.