There are several of these companies finding their niche here as Hamptons high-end building is being redefined.
For some appliance makers, it’s back to black and white, but with a bit of a spin from that drab 80s style you may remember from the old days.
With an observed uptick in kitchen remodel spending and consumer interest in leading a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, it’s clear that sustainable kitchen design is becoming a major priority for many.
Katie White stumbled into a career in interior design after working in investment banking. Decorating was her first love and it came naturally to her.
If you have a flower garden, or if you visit one of the public gardens on the East End, in spring and summer you’ve probably seen bees, other insects, and butterflies perched on the flowers.
One of my personal favorite ways to use pansies is by making homemade “flower tortillas”. They are so simple to make and are sure to wow your guests. 
Recycled Rugs. Dash & Albert’s P.E.T. indoor/ outdoor rugs made with recycled plastic water bottles.
Bocce Ball Set $144.
This succulent wreath is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your space.
If you’re looking to update your lighting this year, you may want to have your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in design and décor.