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For The Perfect Change Of Pace, Visit Greenport On The North fork
By Grace Cassidy - July 24, 2019

The Hamptons offers numerous hot and hidden spots that both locals and visitors enjoy throughout the year. But come August, the South Fork becomes so populated that traffic can be a stress-inducing nightmare and what was once your hole-in-the-wall coffee shop during the winter season could have a line out the door with people waiting for their morning cup of joe. 

To alleviate some of the inevitable stress that comes with the busy season in the Hamptons, sometimes leaving the South Fork altogether will enable a feeling of calm. 

Located at the end of the North Fork right before Orient Point, Greenport has become a hot spot for dining, nightlife, and shopping. The small and quaint village has most of its popular shops and restaurants all within walking distance of each other — so going for the entire day is easy, and visitors will only need to find parking once rather than having to hop in their car every time they want to go to their next destination. 

The vibe of the town is laid back and casual — your comfiest summer attire and a good pair of flip-flops will do. Residential streets leading up to the village are lined with tightly-packed single family homes, many of which are century-old Queen Annes from the late 1800s. The homes remind visitors of the sense of community that Greenport holds at the center of its character. Businesses are owned by local families that know and appreciate the area, which is immediately felt upon stepping foot in the village. 

There are numerous suggestions that could be made for those spending a day in town. Lucharitos offers affordable and delicious Mexican food and quality mojitos and margaritas. It’s a perfect lunch or dinner location, but turns into a popular bar once the sun goes down. At night, groups of friends gather to dance, sing karaoke, and enjoy the selection of drinks available. 

If you want to really feel at home in Greenport, Burton’s Books will do the job. The small and friendly bookstore on Front Street has a wide selection of books, set out by genre. They also sell journals, postcards and craft goods by local artists, and other trinkets that can make perfect gifts to let someone you love know you’re thinking of them. To top it off, the staff is knowledgeable and kind, and makes anyone who steps foot in the store feel welcomed. 

Whiskey Wind has a dive bar vibe with billiards and an outdoor back deck; the Op-Shop sells a wide variety of second-hand goods from clothes to dinnerware; Crazy Beans makes a killer breakfast; Claudio’s is the go-to scene for waterfront nightlife. 

Driving to the end of the North Fork may seem like a pain for people living in the Hamptons, but the drive won’t feel as long considering commuters won’t have to deal with single-lane highways and a 35 mph speed limit like they would on the South Fork. Getting out to Greenport can also be an easy ferry ride from Sag Harbor with a stop in Shelter Island on the way, cutting down on time in the car. 

Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, there’s a little something for everyone in Greenport, and it can provide the perfect change of pace from the busy Hamptons summer season. 

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