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Ron Perelman’s Lawyer Blames Former Staff for Over-Building

By Debra Scott - December 21, 2017

Billionaire Ron Perelman is seeking 18 – count them! – 18 variances to reverse code violations and legalize structures that already exist on his 58-acre East Hampton fiefdom. The sultan of the Georgica Pond estate, “Creeks,” dispatched attorney Leonard Ackerman to appear before the village zoning board where the advocate promptly blamed past employees for “their exuberance to satisfy the owner,” according to the East Hampton Star.

The violations entail structures that were built without permits and were discovered in 2012 “when a fire took Ken Collum, a volunteer firefighter who is now the village’s building inspector, to the property.”  Perelman’s proposals to upzone the property were thrown out by the village board in June.

Among his Chanukah wishes, the highly devout Perelman hopes to legalize the enlargement of an accessory building housing a shul. He is also wants the okay on 28,407 square feet of combined floor area for his main house. A more reasonable 26,236 square feet is the legally pre-existing total.

After almost six years of reviewing such proposals Mayor Paul Rickenbach Jr. has expressed local consternation at the “dragging of the feet” on the case.

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