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In the Hamptons, barns come in all sizes, shapes and functions. From the modern barn design for chic homes to the subtle architecture of a famous art museum, to a tony store in East Hampton, the traditional barn, long associated with potato farming on Long Island has been reinvented into a modern day icon here to stay.
With so many design options to make your home soothing and comfortable, one enduring design practice is the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Pronounced “fung shway,” it literally translates into “wind-water”. Feng Shui has a 3,000-year history, and in its simplest terms, is the practice of aligning energy known as “Chi,” to optimize health, happiness, wealth and success.
A trip to the spa leaves you feeling like a new person.  So why go out when relaxation can come to you?  Building the ultimate in home pampering is becoming the new normal for many Hamptons’ homeowners. Bud Handel from East End Spa Service, in the business over 25 years, finds...