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On the Memorial Day Cover…

Introducing 219 Sagg Main Presented by Christopher Covert of Modlin Group

HRES sat down with Kristen Farrell of Kristen Farrell & Co. along with Christopher Covert of the Modlin Group Hamptons to find out more about this issue’s cover home.

HRES: How did this project come about and why?

KF: I’ve designed homes and been in various part of the Hamptons residential home building business for the last 25 years. After working in the hospitality business the last 2 years I found myself missing the intimacy of home design and construction. I was looking for the perfect project to launch my new solo brand.  

Last May, I received a call about a special property. When I drove down the long private driveway and saw this glorious but dilapidated home (and the 3 outbuildings), I knew I found it. It’s been a 10-month journey to renovate each structure and build out the almost 6,000 sq.ft. basement. It’s an amazing collaboration of vision, project management and valuing our trades expertise. 

HRES: Your listing is featured on this month’s front cover. Can you tell us what you love most about it?

CC: There are so many elements to this property to love it’s difficult to pick just one thing, but beyond the uniqueness of having the four structures and the scale of the program, I think Kristen has done a tremendous job at making this all cohesive. From the smallest of details to the overall vision, it all works. There is not a single finish here that feels like an afterthought, and at over 20,000sf of conditioned space, that’s a very tough accomplishment to achieve.

HRES: What was your inspiration for 219 Sagg Main and how would you describe the interior style?

KF: The inspiration for the finishes and furnishings is grounded in my own Hamptons living experience. There is a sweet spot to be found between modern and traditional homes and that was my goal for 219. 

The house and pool house represent the perfect balance of classic Hamptons architecture, timeless finishes in a transitional style and furnishings with a contemporary flair. The two barns allow us to take some additional creative liberties in design style and finishes. The new basement space is more modern but still incorporates elements of the rest of the home.

HRES: Why is this home a good investment in the current Hamptons market?

CC: This is not just a good investment in the current Hamptons market, but I feel strongly that this is a great investment for any market. What you get here simply cannot be replicated with current building regulations. There are two pre-existing and non-conforming “barns” that have been ground up restored and reimagined into functional space — could not do that again. Nor would you get the 17,000sf of living space in the home. Plus a pool house. And tennis. Quite simply, you could never replicate this program.

HRES: Can you tell us about some of your key design features incorporated into this project that you are known for?

KF: Much of our Hamptons life happens in the kitchen (chefs kitchen too) and bath spaces. Function must come first, and design is then layered into this equation. It is a mistake to begin the process in the reverse and I won’t compromise on function and layout! And, closets, closets, closets… lots of them, perfectly designed and installed. They are not an afterthought! 

Our Hamptons experience is both indoors and out. I like the spaces to work together to allow for proper entertaining, plenty of light and ease of flow. The outdoor areas need to incorporate destinations and activities. 219 Sagg Main offers more of this than any other property I have found.

I am a big believer in purposeful defined space. Every room needs an intention — even in a finished lower level. 

HRES: Anything more you would like to let our readers know about this special home? 

CC: When we talk about square footage and acreage, the numbers can make this sound like a massive home, but what is so fantastic here is the scale. It all feels proportional and can even be intimate. There is nothing over the top or gauche. It’s all very elegant in a chic way. Nothing feels too. It’s thoughtful. That’s what makes it special.

For more information: Christopher Covert at 917.834.0635