Tuesday, December 06
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Never had a garden before? I highly recommend it! It's easy to do, great to do with young kids — get them away from their screens for a while.
Gardening is a rewarding and even healing activity, and also gives us the benefit of fresh-picked food, beautiful flowers and soothing greenery, not to mention time spent in the fresh air instead of in front of a screen.
In spring our gardens come alive, and bulbs are the first flowers to bloom in many East End gardens.
There are so many reasons to keep honey bees. For us it’s mostly for pollination and that delicious honey that they magically produce.
Lawns are important components of most East End landscapes – a lush green lawn has been a classic component of East End properties for a long time.
These beautiful ice pops are not only refreshing but a festive way to spruce up your dessert spread.
If you live in a cottage or condo, you might not have the space – or inclination – to plant a garden. But you can still enjoy some flowers – or herbs for the kitchen – by planting window boxes, even if you’re just here for the summer.
Like with any trend, all-white kitchens were first big in magazines, and before long became the most common style on HGTV, Bravo and other television renovation shows.
It’s June, the first month of summer and a month of verdant abundance. In that green spirit, we’ve compiled a list of environmentally sound solutions to common problems that plague the modern home and yard.
Essential to the planet, a loss of habitat has endangered their survival