Thursday, November 30
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The forgotten art of party-planning has become relevant once again as we focus on thoughtful and safe entertainment practices.
If you have a flower garden, or if you visit one of the public gardens on the East End, in spring and summer you’ve probably seen bees, other insects, and butterflies perched on the flowers.
This succulent wreath is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your space.
ces to go, and groups to follow and join. You might want to attend their programs and activities, and maybe volunteer to help out at some events.
Never had a garden before? I highly recommend it! It's easy to do, great to do with young kids — get them away from their screens for a while.
Gardening is a rewarding and even healing activity, and also gives us the benefit of fresh-picked food, beautiful flowers and soothing greenery, not to mention time spent in the fresh air instead of in front of a screen.
In spring our gardens come alive, and bulbs are the first flowers to bloom in many East End gardens.
There are so many reasons to keep honey bees. For us it’s mostly for pollination and that delicious honey that they magically produce.
Lawns are important components of most East End landscapes – a lush green lawn has been a classic component of East End properties for a long time.
These beautiful ice pops are not only refreshing but a festive way to spruce up your dessert spread.