Thursday, November 30
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Whether he is designing a custom residence, new boutique hotel, or an exclusive line of furniture and textiles, interior designer Campion Platt has one thing on his mind: luxury. “Luxury is about both materiality and context,” he explains, adding, “context might mean creating clear, open spaces within the confines of a Manhattan residence, or selecting opulent finishes – such as leather, resin, or marble – to accentuate spatial forms.
An interior designer mother and film publicist daughter have teamed up to target an undeserved market: homeowners who would normally not hire an interior designer, but who yearn to express their inner aesthetic on a budget. Sourcing from estate sales and stylish discount furnishing outlets, the duo access their own “sophisticated, original and quirky” sensibilities while interpreting the needs of their clients.
Evergreens bring color and form to the winter landscape when flowers are gone and other trees are bare and gray. Evergreens, as their name implies, stay green all year around. And they’re not just green. They come in vivid bright greens, deep forest greens, soft blue-greens, even bright gold. There are blue-toned varieties of Atlas cedar, spruce, false cypress, Leyland cypress and juniper. For golds look into Japanese holly, junipers, Leyland cypress, false cypress and Scotch pine. Some evergreens take on ruddy or bronze tones in winter.
There are three types of people who keep wine cellars according to Michael Cinque, owner of Amagansett Wines & Spirits: those who treat it like a commodity -- “gold in the basement,” those who talk about their wine, and his final and favorite kind – those who drink it.
With real estate the number one industry on the East End, and the constant transfer of properties,  interior designers abound – both local firms and émigrés from New York.
As the cooler fall temperatures hit the Hamptons, who doesn’t love to sink into the most beautiful, cozy bed at night? Here’s some of the best bedding for a heavenly night’s sleep.
The Jetsons may have had a robotic housekeeper and a flying car, but today’s home technology is not far behind. From a shower where you can pre-set water temperature and volume of flow to a refrigerator that tells you when to discard the milk to a whole-house audio system, you can control your entire living environment with an iPhone and control panel.
The glorious days of autumn are upon us; summer heat and crowds are giving way to soft golden light and the celebration of the harvest season in farms and vineyards. For those of us lucky enough to be here in fall, there’s still plenty of color to be had in the landscape. Here are some great sources of color for fall landscapes.
Fifteen years ago, Tracy Squillante rolled out her mat for the first time at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor. The practice became the counterpoint to her frenetic life as director of HAMPTONS Magazine ...
There are certain amenities that are obligatory in every high-end ($5 million and up) Hamptons’ home: En-suite bedroom-bathrooms, check. Wine cellar, of course. Home theater, naturally. Movie night for friends and family has become as requisite as dinner at Nick and Toni’s. And with the latest technology – a $35-thousand PRIMA Cinema Player – hosts have access to the latest film releases, even if they’re currently in theaters (though there’s an extra fee in that case). Heaven forbid that any South Fork homeowner’s view should be blocked by some big-haired person in the seat in front.