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Builder Showcase: Konner Development


Konner Development, based in Bridgehampton, is a family business which has completed over 100 luxury homes and 10 tasteful subdivisions in the Hamptons, synonymous with quality that stands the test of time. Carol’s son, Greg Konner, is the General Manager handling all the construction and day-to-day activities.

Now Konner Development is joining forces with Saunders & Associates to represent, market and sell their properties. Carol Konner notes of her choice of real estate firms, “I was attracted to Saunders because they are majorly ahead of the curve. They have a great support system which fires on all cylinders. Saunders is really looking to promote their clients’ products, and they’re not afraid to spend money to do it. It’s not just ‘Let me put you on my website.’” Inevitably, good planning and building involves sharp problem solving skills. The Konners with their vast experience have weathered everything from a 2,000 year old skull being found in an excavation on the site where she owned the old St. James Hotel, to developing land in Bridgehampton north of the highway when it wasn’t considered valuable by others. Carol Konner is an outside the box thinker, even creating the Hamptons’ first sunken tennis court.

The Konners have put their signature stamp on beautifully built homes from oceanfront to village, farm and field. They have the ability to create site specific designs to complement each particular lot and maximize its potential without ever overcrowding. Konner Development fills a much-needed niche of new construction at all different price points, even under $2 million, and has earned the trust of buyers who appreciate the quality which lasts over time. Top shelf building materials and appliances fill every house, and all of their homes today feature energy star ratings.

Whether it is a custom built home, commercial property, or undeveloped parcel of land, their knowledge base and experience benefits their clients. Konner Development uses their expertise to create quality subdivisions and developments from breaking ground, to laying down infrastructure and roads, to building quality homes. These can range from middle income properties such as the subdivision behind PC Richards in Southampton, to high-end enclaves such as on Farmview Court in Sagaponack and Surfside Drive in Bridgehampton.

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