Cool Tech Finds


Want to upgrade the technology in your home? Don’t fret. It’s not about complicated gadgets. On the contrary, it’s about simplifying your life for the ultimate in convenience and ease.

c5bd02f5-0a27-4fea-88fe-6578e0fdd819_10001. Fingerprint Lock –

Goodbye house keys, hello iTouchless Bio-Matic Lock, which opens your door with a fingerprint. You can program your family members’ prints, and of course any staff you might have. And if you want to lock out a tiresome ex, well, simply delete their prints from your lock’s memory. Sayonara.

Vibracoustic Kohler2. Musical Bath –

Kohler’s VibrAcoustic technology connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices so you can listen to music through your tub. It also combines aural and water-based vibrations to create a “multi-sensory environment” to allow “complete body relaxation.” Who needs to go to a spa?

CG_SHG_bloodsorrel3. Indoor Garden –

Just insert plant capsules, fill the water tank, and plug in your Click and Grow Garden. Voila! Specially developed Smart Soil and built-in sensors make sure plants get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients so they thrive with zero effort. Grow your own herbs, fruits or flowers with NASA-inspired technology that helps plants grow faster and more nutritious. And you thought the Jetsons had everything.

petcube_fold4. Petcube –

It’s like a baby monitor, except it’s for your pet. A three-in-one device, the camera lets you watch Fido (or Tigger) remotely, a speaker lets you coo sweet nothings in their ears, and there’s even a laser component that allows you to play with your pet as they follow the light around. Now the next time Buddy tries to eat the sofa you can discipline him from afar.

IF-0000680-GROUP5. Health Tracker –

The UP3 from Jawbone measures your heart rate throughout the day (to help you understand how your habits affect your ticker), tracks your zzzs (measuring deep, light and REM sleep), and tracks your movements (for optimal calorie burn). Cool looking, it’s also a snazzy addition to your wardrobe.

v1_SIQK_Panel26. Kids Bed –

Sensors inside the SleepIQ Kids Bed from Sleep Number track quality of sleep and heart and breathing rates while a built-in nightlight will help deter monsters from hiding under the bed. Best yet, an app will alert parents when their little one is out of bed, so all can rest easy.

Enclosure-with-Shadow7. Sprinkler System –

To avoid over or under-watering your lawn, the Skydrop works with your existing sprinkler system to tap into your local weather forecast and assess your watering needs. Since watering gaffes are one of the leading causes of funky looking lawns, yours will be the lushest on your block.