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A New Source of Light

Pushing boundaries into lucid original spaces with interior designer Tyler Hill. 

“I like that the Hamptons are less than 100 miles from the world’s most vertical city, but there isn’t a high rise in sight,” shares hotshot interior designer, Tyler Hill. “Also, you will never find the legendary light in the Hamptons anywhere else….it’s simply perfect. I enjoy the Hamptons year-round — the summer when the energy comes alive, but I also love the fall foliage and quiet, cozy winters. My favorite hamlet is Southampton, for its historic architecture and shopping, but you can also find me on a relaxed beach weekend in Montauk. I love how remote it is, and Montauk will always have a place in my heart since I received inspiration for my first chandelier there.”

Always seeking the new, Tyler ventures extensively for inspiration — whether on safari in Tanzania, planting rice fields in Thailand, or strolling the crowded markets of Paris. Based in Washington D.C., Hill embraces the worlds of art and architecture, creating compelling contemporary works for any residence and location. His prowess in interior design informs the bespoke lighting and furniture of his debut collection, aptly named Transparent. Employing a unique use of balance, color, and material, Hill presents heightened moods with tasteful compositions that speak volumes at just a glance.

Guided by instinct and ever open to a spark, creative director Tyler Hill fluently combines and builds upon influences from modern to classicism, readily breaking rules to evolve designs into experiential lighting that provocatively mesmerizes.

HRES: How would you describe your debut collection, Transparent? 

Tyler Hill: The debut collection reflects the gravity and potency of brutalist architecture through imposing silhouettes that are graceful and inviting by lovely materiality and enchanting accents. The rule-defying pieces branch out in brass, the shimmer of bronze, glow from alabaster, and intrigue with details of leather. 



HRES: How can a Tyler Hill design change a room? 

Tyler: It updates them. I like to think it gives the room some cool new shoes. 

HRES: How long does it take to create one or your unique pieces? 

Tyler: The designs come to life in multiple workrooms over a period of 3 months on average. More than a dozen skilled artisans are involved in handcrafting the pieces. Every fixture is bench — made in a three-room studio in Italy, for impeccable styling and masterfully applied premium finishes. 

HRES: Which are your two favorite pieces in the collection and why? 

Tyler: The Marx credenza is my favorite design I’ve ever created. I’m my worst critic and I think it’s my best work. I spent a lot of time on the grid. I stayed up all night four years ago trying to finalize the pattern, but I went with the first one of course. The grid is inset in a clean rectangular shell that tapers down at its sides. The base tapers in, giving the credenza a cantilevering effect. Each mirrored pane has a different hue throughout the day depending on the hour. It has never-ending customization capabilities. Go neutral with black and white or add some teal for a beach cottage. 

Marx Credenzar

Tyler adds, “I also love the Astley, which is an artfully askew circle, presenting bisected halves of mirror and panes of bronze mirror glass, smoke mirror glass, and translucent alabaster. The framework of oil-rubbed bronze handsomely houses the composition, while a hardwired LED strip provides a gradient of warm light settings. 

HRES: Where can readers view the collection for purchase? 

Tyler: The entire Transparent Collection will be available at the Liz O’Brien Gallery in New York City beginning Fall 2022 and it is also available online at