Friday, December 02
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Bakes & Kropp

Past, Present, and Future of Perfecting the Art of Fine Cabinetry

My career to date has been dedicated to the creation of beautiful kitchens. While running a kitchen design company in London in the early 2000s, I was blessed with the opportunity to relocate to the States, from then on it was my dream to develop a company that created the finest kitchens. At this same time, Paul Kropp was perfecting the artistry and proficiency of woodworking through his former company. It was clear from our first meeting that Paul, who bought his first saw at age 12, expressed a similar drive and passion. When we started working together in 2011, that dream from my London days seemed to feel like more of a reality. Through our combined expertise — my balanced design and his skilled craftsmanship — in addition to our close working relationship, we knew we could build something exceptional. Just three years later, we made our partnership official with the launch of Bakes & Kropp in 2014. 

Bakes & Kropp in collaboration with Frank Delladonne Interiors

While that was only eight years ago, our company has evolved and progressed since our initial debut. We expanded our footprint and opened dedicated showroom spaces in New York City, the Hamptons, Long Island, Plymouth, MI, Bay Harbor, MI, and Palm Beach, FL, slated to open Jan 2023. We pride ourselves on our ability to act as an essential resource, and our showrooms allow us to assist clients in establishing their own design sensibilities and preferences. We also expanded our team and hired talented employees — from design to operations, marketing, and more, who all share our passion for luxury design, craftsmanship, and superb client service. We’ve also found inspiration from our client’s willingness to become more adventurous in their design choices. This past year, we experimented with colors and styles through our new cabinet finishes — Black Matte, Black Satin Paint, and Cinder Stain — to push ourselves beyond our traditional designs and better serve contemporary trends. 

Amidst all this growth and change, our core values have remained the same: functional design, thoughtful balance, and timeless beauty. Our kitchens are still meticulously designed and hand-built at every step. No two kitchens are alike and each and every space is customized to our client’s lifestyles. We are proud to create spaces that perfectly blend form and function, from the layout to the integrated appliances all the way to drawer inserts, and we continue to grow creatively by taking design risks to better serve our clientele. 

As we look to the future, with decades of experience working in the United States’ premier homes, we’re proud to be today’s leading kitchen design and manufacturing company for high-quality true custom kitchens. We feel our story has only just begun, and we’re excited to continue perfecting the art of fine cabinetry and designing dream kitchens across the country.