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Designer Scott Sanders Shares A View From The Top At His Stunning New East Hampton Home On Lookout Lane

Perched on the highest point in all of East Hampton overlooking Gardiner’s Bay sits the stunning new dream home of designer Scott Sanders and his husband Peter Wilson, along with their sweet dachshund Bailey. A sandy private beach can be reached by a 93-step stairway leading down for early morning swims. “Nestled in serene solitude, our only neighbor is the vast expanse of the sea. It’s a location that brings us unparalleled peace, making every moment spent here a cherished treasure,” shares Sanders. “It’s a testament to the power of design to capture the essence of who we are and what we hold dear.”

Sanders founded his full-service design firm in 2000, specializing in bespoke residential interiors and a distinguished portfolio including homes in: New York, Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, California and the Caribbean, and three iconic hotels. Scott is also the author of two beautiful books, The Insider Guide to the Lord Baltimore Hotel and Baltimore, Too and Picture Perfect: Designing the New American Family Home.

HRES and Sanders share an insider tour of his idyllic property, below.

HRES: The architecture and landscaping at your property is picture perfect, whom did you work with?

SCOTT SANDERS: Barlis Wedlick, the visionary architect, and Craig Socia, the landscape designer have woven their magic into the fabric of our home. Having had the pleasure of working with them on previous homes, it’s a partnership I hold in high regard. Their work speaks of precision, artistry, and a deep understanding of the spaces they create. Along with Trunzo Builders, they’ve transformed my husband’s and my visions into tangible expressions of beauty and functionality.

HRES: Tell us about the dramatic grass pathway leading from the house to the beach?

SCOTT: The grass path is a testament to the beauty of thoughtful landscaping. Originally, we envisioned it as a sandy path to the Bluff, but our landscaper’s inspired suggestion to opt for a lush grass pathway instead was the direction we went with. This unique pathway not only connects the house to the Bluff, but it invites you to meander towards the water’s edge before looping back to the house. The rhythmic swaying of the grasses in the breeze creates a serene journey along the way.

HRES: Is there one room which really embodies your design philosophy?

SCOTT: Yes, the living room embodies my personal philosophy, one that I love to share with my clients. A harmonious blend of elegance and approachability, striking that perfect balance between sophistication and comfort. Every detail in the room is a deliberate choice. It’s a space where classic meets contemporary, and vintage pieces intertwine seamlessly with modern elements.

HRES: Which space holds the most personal attachment for you? 

SCOTT: My screened-in porch is one of my favorite aspects of the house. Growing up in Ohio, my grandmother had a screened-in porch where we would always congregate. I inherited a lot of her outdoor wicker furniture, which has created a space of nostalgia and comfort for me. The porch isn’t just about furniture, it’s a connection to my roots, a tribute to family, and a tangible piece of the past. It encapsulates the cherished moments of a home that make it special. The view — it’s a simple pleasure, but one that never ceases to amaze. No matter my mood, when I look out to the view of the ever changing shades of blues of the water and sky, I find serenity.

HRES: Please describe how you showcase the eclectic elements in the breakfast room / kitchen?

SCOTT: The oversized built-in blue lacquered hutch is a magnificent focal point that not only captures the eye, but also showcases my diverse collection of treasures. From the classic charm of the blue willow to the timeless elegance of blue and white chinoiserie, vintage baskets, and a curated collection of mid-century modern teak pieces, this space shares an appreciation for the unexpected beauty that emerges when different pieces come together in perfect harmony.

HRES: Stepping into the pecky cypress-lined den is like entering a world of timeless charm and comfort. Where did you draw inspiration?

SCOTT: While it was initially envisioned as an homage to the chic elegance of Palm Beach, it has transformed into a cozy New England haven, where the warmth of the space invites you to unwind. The den blends styles, combining vintage rattan furniture with a cherished game table that graces all our projects. The bookshelf, adorned with a treasure trove of collections, reveals a rich tapestry of our lives — from my own cherished items to my husband’s, along with family photos that tell stories of shared moments.

HRES: Tell us about your entertaining spaces and how they work for you?

SCOTT: In the warmer months, my screened-in-porch accommodates up to ten guests comfortably. As the sun begins its descent over the water, the porch transitions seamlessly from cocktail hour to an elegant dinner setting. Summer entertaining took an exhilarating turn when I hosted 50 guests last summer. As I scanned the gathering, I realized that 30 of my guests had vanished from my sight! To my delight, they were reveling on the little deck right at the edge of the Bluff. It was a joy for me in that moment to have my guests soaking in the view that I’ve grown to love so much. And in the future, a bar will certainly be stationed at the deck!

In the winter months, my home transforms into a warm and inviting haven for formal entertaining. The living room and dining room seamlessly merge into one, providing seating for up to 12 guests, and making it a focal point for elegant gatherings. I opted to not have a formal dining room and instead positioned the dining table within the same room, to add an air of intimacy. Another option for gathering is by the crackling fire pit outside. Guests can enjoy the crisp winter air and share stories under the starlit sky. Whether inside or out, formal winter entertaining in my home is an experience that embraces the magic of the season.

Informal winter entertaining takes on a delightful twist in the heart of my home. The kitchen island becomes the epicenter of these cozy gatherings, where friends and family come to congregate. It becomes more than just a place to prepare meals, it’s a hub of connection in the company of loved ones. 

HRES: Color seems to define your rooms. What was your approach regarding color? 

SCOTT: In my home, color isn’t just a design choice, it’s a narrative that echoes the natural shades of blue where the water meets the sky. Each area of the house is a chapter in this color story. The primary bedroom is dressed in regal navy blue and crisp white. Meanwhile, the living room and kitchen are awash in the soothing tones of French Blue and deep azure, capturing the serenity of waterside living. 

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Photos: 2022 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

“The location of our house is nothing short of a dream come true,” shares Scott.