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MKL Construction Corp.


Hampton’s Real Estate Showcase takes a look at Hamptons’ Builder MKL Construction Corp

In a world that’s constantly changing, one thing has managed to stay the same- the natural beauty, allure, and unique cache of the Hamptons. Whether your family has lived on the desirable South Fork of the East-end, or you’re looking to invest or buy for the first time, one thing still rings true- building a home in the Hamptons is one of the best real estate investments you will ever make.

For over half a century people, “in the know” have been turning to and placing their confidence in the experts at MKL Construction when it comes to building custom homes, major renovations, and real estate investments in the Hamptons.

MKL, considered a pioneer at the time of its establishment in 1960, has become one of the Hampton’s most highly respected and well-known builders. Included in MKL’s portfolio of private residences and estates are several of East Hamptons iconic landmarks, such as the fashionable 66 Newtown Lane Complex and the East Hampton Movie Theater on Main Street.

MKL Construction is family-owned and operated by the Kouffman Family, residents of East Hampton since 1959 when MKL’s founder Maurice H. Kouffman first moved here.  An appreciation for the inherent interplay of architecture along with a passion for building, would lead MKL to build some of the most luxurious homes in the Hamptons.

In 1977, Phillip D. Kouffman, MKL’s V.P. & CEO, joined forces with his Father, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. A perfect team, with the combined knowledge of building and all things related to real estate (both are licensed real estate brokers), Phil was able to spearhead the growth and expansion of the company’s high-end residential construction, securing the solid and enviable position MKL holds today.

Phil’s natural ease makes the enduring relationships he has with his clients effortless.  These relationships have extended to building for many of his clients’ children, and now, for their childrens children, reflecting their motto, “We Build More Than Homes”. “We Build Relationships”. In fact, the majority of MKL’s projects are through referrals from clients, real estate brokers, and architects.  To view some of the wonderful things people are saying about MKL, you can go to their website:

MKL’s clients take great comfort in Phil’s ability to walk them through the building process step-by-step, foreseeing any issues before they arise. MKL’s commitment to excellence, top-notch professional team, state-of-the-art technology and monitoring systems, enable the organization to keep the client-architect-builder team fully informed throughout the project.

Currently, MKL has numerous projects in choice locations ranging from South-of-the-Highway in East Hampton to waterfront in Southampton. These projects encompass both new construction (including tear-downs) and major renovations, with several new projects scheduled to start in the Fall.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that MKL’s future is a bright one.  As we all know, when making such an important investment it’s essential to feel secure and confident that you’re in the hands of top-notch professionals that’s exactly what you’ll get with MKL Construction Corporation as your builder.

MKL Construction Corp.
Phillip D. Kouffman
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