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New Year, New Décor

By Heather Senison - December 18, 2019

Hamptons designers predict interior trends for 2020

They say you can’t predict the future, but we like to try. In real estate, experts are attempting to forecast everything from market activity to new technologies and brokerage firm politics for 2020, especially since the year will kick off a whole new decade. Meanwhile, fashion and interior design buffs are scouring the pages of their favorite magazines and blogs, trying to get a head start on which fads will be in vogue.
For those who like to keep on top of the latest and chicest, we polled area designers for their predictions on trends in residential interiors for the new year:

Natural aesthetics
Bridgehampton-based designer Melanie Roy expects interiors to reflect the area’s natural environment, a trend that has already become increasingly popular. Materials in rugs, sofas and other furnishings will continue to include natural fibers like jute, sisal, hemp and rattan, she says.
The concept will spread outside into landscaping when the weather warms up, adds designer Elizabeth Dow, of East Hampton. Indigenous plants and simple banks of grasses will become more visible as residents try to keep the East End’s environment healthy and thriving, she says. “People are kind of simplifying their lifestyles a little bit, and they’re becoming more aware of climate change, and that’s going to be reflected in the landscape,” Dow explains.
Personal touches
“While folks previously wanted to emulate what they saw on TV design shows, now more and more are fleeing from what is trending and are looking for something more bespoke,” explains Asher Lipman, founder of NYC Renovation Coach. Lipman has been working on private residential projects in the Hamptons for nearly two decades. “As we move into the next decade, authenticity and pieces with a ‘story’ are shifting back into focus,” he says.
Dow expects this to result in interiors she refers to as a “land of extremes,” with drastic mixtures of modern and antique in one room. Think of a buffet with sleek and clean lines, placed next to a vintage and rustic dining table. New items will feature a mixture of materials, such as wood and steel together in one piece. “Those juxtapositions are going to be the trend,” Dow says.

Cozy palettes
Gray has long been the go-to neutral and it isn’t likely to fade anytime soon, but designers are also seeing an affection for bleached wood and cream-colored fabrics, like shearling. They’re being used in a modern, upscale way, however, notes Vian Abreu, senior interior designer at Interior Marketing Group (IMG). The luxury design firm has clients in New York City and the Hamptons. “I think in 2020 we’ll see a lot more of this contemporary look in the Hamptons and less of the ‘beachy cottage’ style,” Abreu says. “Clean, modern furnishings will be paired with rich, cozy textures, such as off-white bouclé pieces.”
Functional layouts
With young families taking up more space on IMG’s roster of clients, Abreu is seeing a demand for functionality over extravagance. “There is a trend towards a ‘less is more’ approach to furnishings,” she explains. “It’s all about scale: Oversized sofas and coffee tables are replacing the use of multiple pieces.”
However, “minimalism does not necessarily mean no stuff, but simply no clutter and smart,” Lipman clarifies.
Flexible spaces are replacing rooms dedicated for a specific purpose, while open floor plans are becoming more compartmentalized, he says. For example, home offices and theaters are becoming parts of other spaces, rather than their own specific rooms. “Home is becoming a refuge,” Lipman says. “Not spa-like necessarily, but rather sophisticated and comfortable.”

Some new things, too
So, what will be new and exciting for 2020? For starters, Dow says elements of fun colors like green, lavender and yellow will make their way into interiors.
And fresh colors won’t just be in upholstery, Lipman notes. “There is certainly nothing wrong with Subzero and Wolf, but there is life beyond it,” he says. “Stainless is still a standard in design, but colored appliances with some personality are making a resurgence.”
Black is also back, Roy says, adding that bright metals will stick around for 2020, too: “I’m seeing cool gray paired with a lot of brass, which warms it up.”

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