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Outdoor Dining Upgrade

Make your outdoor dinners better than ever this summer. 

This summer, you can make your outdoor space a space to remember with a few simple upgrades. Investing in a few bespoke pieces — from furniture to accents to select hardscaping — can help improve the overall feel of your outdoor dining space. Here’s where to start. 

Walpole Outdoors

Consider the lighting first. Although candlelight is a great way to dine, you may want to think through a more permanent structure, particularly if you have a long table beneath a pergola, awning, or deck. Edison string bulbs are one way to go, but you can also install an outdoor chandelier with the help of an electrician, which adds sophistication and whimsy to any outdoor dining area (for outdoor-appropriate lighting options, check out Visual Comfort & Co., which has a Southampton showroom; the retailer also sells products online, like the midcentury-style Hilo outdoor chandelier, and the farmhouse-style Allier outdoor chandelier). 

Although you may not want a firepit within the actual confines of your dining or seating area, new-and-improved tabletop fire features can bring warmth — and warm vibes — to any dinner party. Solo Stove makes several small sizes of tabletop stove, and they are even available in different colorways, allowing you to match the stove to your outdoor décor. Heat diffusers, which are sold separately, can be used to help warm up an entire dining area. And, at the end of a meal, you can even invite guests to toast marshmallows over them, right at the table. 

Add the feeling of indoors to your outdoor dining scene with a cozy rug. West Elm’s indoor/outdoor rugs come in a variety of colors and sizes (the bright blue or bright yellow Marimekko Papajo indoor/outdoor rug, available in sizes up to 9 x 12, is a stunning example) and can make your dining space outside feel just as cozy and intimate as your indoor dining room. To add to the coziness and intimacy of the space, consider matching the linens of your dining space to your chosen rug. Throw pillows, blankets, and even linen outdoor napkins can bring the entire look together. 

Hilo Large Outdoor Chandelier
by Visual Comfort & Co.

Shade your outdoor dining area — and make it more private — with the addition of an umbrella or pergola. A large umbrella with an adjustable stand can provide screening from the rest of the yard and can section off the space so that it feels like its own serene dining area., in Southampton, offers a wide array of high-quality umbrella options for in-person shopping. 

Or, if you have the space, opt for a pergola, where you can train vines up the sides for added shade (and a touch of floral décor). Those interested in building a pergola may want to consider working with a specialist like Walpole Outdoors. Their expert staff can transform professional drawings, simple sketches, or ideas into custom structures that perfectly complement your taste, needs, and the architecture of your space. Additionally, Walpole offers complimentary design services, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision for a seamless integration into your outdoor environment.