Pembrooke Fine Landscapes

One of the Hamptons’ hidden treasures is Pembrooke Fine Landscapes, a boutique landscape design/build company that for ten years has worked with select clients. Pembrooke’s founding partner, Bill D’Agata, is as talented as he is meticulous, overseeing the smallest detail.

D’Agata embraces his firm’s status as the best kept secret in the Hamptons. “My work has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember,” he says. “I truly enjoy the collaboration and excitement that comes from partnering with my clients. Early in the design development process we gain an understanding of each client’s aesthetic values, life style, and how they intend to utilize their home throughout the season.” Listening is critical in gaining this insight.

One of D’Agata’s more recent projects serves as a good example. Pembrooke Fine Landscapes designed a backyard retreat at a Hampton family compound that included the design and installation of a sport pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, full landscaping, and two storage accessory structures consistent in style with the home’s architecture. Although these structures weren’t among the client’s initial requests, it became evident early on that additional storage space was needed. Answering that call, D’Agata suggested building two pool house-inspired structures to conceal chaises, bikes, chairs, umbrellas, etc., and the pool and spa equipment.

He noted, “The structures are outwardly appealing and inviting yet provide a specific function that is not visibly obvious at first glance. D’Agata notes, “nowhere else on the property could the pool and spa equipment have been located without being seen or heard.” The mahogany pergola connects the structures providing the overhead for a dining space, and further reinforces the notion that the buildings are habitable.

D’Agata provides advice that is echoed by many veteran luxury builders, designers, and architects, “Proper planning is the key to every Hamptons’ project.” He notes, “Summer is the best times to begin developing plans for fall construction.” That time frame provides both Pembrooke and its clients with sufficient time to formulate the overall vision, consider all the options, and work out the details, ensuring that all work is completed on schedule and on budget.