Thursday, December 01
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Sophisticated Livability


Donna Livingston, premier designer from Los Angeles brings her design philosophy to the Hamptons. See what she has to offer in this interview for Hamptons Real Estate Showcase.

Q: What can you tell us about your expansion to the Hamptons?
A: I am so excited about expanding to the East Coast from Los Angeles. It is certainly the best of both worlds. I really value the sophistication of the East Coast while still savoring the style and climate of L.A. I have done a few projects before in Manhattan including the penthouse at the Ritz Carleton, a project that was featured in Architectual Digest. Being from Kentucky originally I can appreciate the estate properties in the Hamptons, reminiscent of the stateliness of the South. I find that people in the Hamptons take great interest in their homes, often displaying collections filled with memories that are a great legacy to their families.

Q:  What is your design philosophy?
A: My signature style is “sophisticated livability.” I enjoy creating an environment that while comfortable and casual has a true sense of scale. When it comes to the proportion and overall construction of the project, my strength is to decipher what my client wants and deliver a finished product that is a reflection of their lifestyle.

Q:  What trends do you see for 2013?
A: More color! I delight in exploring pops of color which very often compliment the overall decor. An accent of color here and there often enhances what you already have. It draws your eye and makes a room more attractive.

Q: How do you find inspiration for your projects?
A: I find creativity around me all the time. From one idea flows another. It could be one great object that inspires me, as simple as a fabulous rug which might start the creative process as I begin to blend things together. Inspiration flows from the scenic surroundings to the occasional treasure I turn up in one of the many wonderful antique shops throughout the Hamptons. Being bicoastal affords me the opportunity to blend a variety of ideas that come my way throughout my many travels.

Donna Livingston Design
NYC: 917.521.5011
LA : 310.600.4998