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Brushed Brass Hardware Is Here to Stay

By Hannah Selinger - November 16, 2020

In the 1980s and 1990s, brass got a bad rap. If the word brass evokes that shiny, gold hardware and stale décor, you’ve got the wrong brass. The newest trend in hardware still has a gold flavor, but this one is a little less aggressive. Think brass — but with less luster. Brushed brass hardware offers a timeless look in kitchens and bathrooms. You can even carry the look through to primary bedrooms, foyers, and other areas of your homes. And although you can use it throughout your home, as a very on-trend matching motif, brushed brass fixtures also work interspersed with brushed nickel for a two-tone look that will last through the ages. The chic look of brushed brass hardware is convertible, too. It goes with many different styles of décor, from midcentury to modern to eclectic, making it a blank slate for those with an interpretive eye for design. 

In the Kitchen

For visual interest, consider brushed brass for everything from drawer pulls to kitchen faucets. Some upmarket appliances, like La Cornue ovens — a combination gas and electric oven and cooktop — are available in brushed brass or two-tone dials, to complement the other hardware peppered throughout the most-loved room in the house. Pendant lights are always a nice choice for brushed brass, as are chandeliers. Because brushed brass was popular during the middle of the century, you may even be able to find a matching vintage chandelier for your dining area. Many contemporary retailers also sell interesting reproductions made from brushed brass, and these are interesting visual centerpieces. 

In the Bath

Brushed brass medicine cabinets, sink fixtures, and toilet levers, towel bars, and toilet paper holders can brighten up even the smallest powder room, making it feel like a curated and intentional space. Dual-toned sconces are an interesting way to integrate more than one material into a room, if you’re reluctant to commit only to brushed brass — but the warmth of brass offers a truly updated feel that is both modern and timeless. You can also use wallpaper to pick up on the gold notes of the brass, creating a more integrated and fully designed room. 

Everywhere Else

You can sneak brushed brass into surprising areas of your home. Primary bedrooms can benefit from brushed brass sconces. A wood-paneled study will bask in the warm glow of a brushed brass floor lamp. Even outdoor spaces can stand up to a threaded motif: consider updating your outdoor lighting with different fixtures that match your home’s interior. Pick up on gold accents with midcentury furniture with similar hardware, or embrace a more eclectic look and allow your furnishings to define your spaces. No matter your personal style, brushed brass hardware and lighting can add warmth and polish to the rooms you’re designing. 

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