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Feeling Festive with Feng Shui

Whether you want to attract positive energy, breathe new life into a living space, or just fancy a refresh to your Hamptons holiday home this season, the principles of Feng Shui have you covered

Sarah Stone

You may know that Feng Shui is a time tested technique which dates back thousands of years and has become a powerful tool to create calm and harmonious energy, but do you also know that Feng Shui can also be utilized to help ease the stress of the bustling holiday season? “When you’re practicing Feng Shui, you’re actively aligning yourself with all of your desires and things that matter the most to you — health, love, family, wellbeing, connection and happiness — for a fortunate, good life,” shares Sarah Stone, an Intentional Living Expert, Founder of Creative Feng Shui and #1 Best Selling Author of Live What You Love. “It’s not an inoculation, but it can certainly help mitigate challenges by softening the edges and help you navigate a more intentional, balanced holiday season.”

Sarah explains, “When you look at your home, you are looking at an outer expression of your inner self. Your home is a living portrait of you and your life, and we all want to share the best representation of that with friends and family we welcome in during this wonderful time of year.” Below, Sarah rounds up the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate some Festive Feng Shui into your seasonal design. 

Location, Location, Location 

Feng Shui placement of your Christmas tree can be a stabilizing force during the hectic festive season. The ideal location for a Christmas tree belongs to the element of wood, so it is best if you place it in the east, southeast, or south because these are the zones in which it feels best and is naturally positioned. The east zone is associated with health, growth and activity; the southeast enhances abundance and tenderness, giving the south glory, pride, honor, and recognition. 

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly…”goes the seasonal carol, and from a Feng Shui perspective that’s a great idea. Adding festive decorations to your home can bring luck and elevate your mood. Bright holiday decorations help cultivate a positive environment. 

Shine Bright 

Creating a magical glow with lights so that your tree and the whole space comes alive with new energy and a fairytale sparkle. Ensure the tree is decorated with bright lights and beautiful ornaments to add even more vitality. Both daylight and artificial light raises the level of chi (positive energy). Winter is here so we need to create our own cozy space with ambient lighting and candles. It’s important to ensure light fittings and light bulbs are functioning fully. 

Where Focus Goes; Energy Flows 

Remember that whatever you give with love and unconditionally comes back to you in unlimited ways. If you choose to send Christmas or New Year cards take the time to sign and create your unique messages, and send them with thoughts of peace, calm, love and friendship to help distribute positive energy to all those who receive them from you and spread this energy around your world, as it is your chance to connect with those you may not see so often. 

Light Candles 

Lighting candles, by the presence of real fire, will create a relaxed ambience and are recognized in Feng Shui for purifying energy. Candles introduce and activate the fire element in a particular sector of your home; burning a red candle will stimulate your wealth luck. 

Create Family Flow 

Maintain harmony at family get-togethers by sitting at a round table, as this is less conducive to conflicts and arguments than a square or rectangular one. If you do not have one then add several round objects, dishes and table decorations as focal points instead. 

Bring Nature Indoors 

The wreath on the front door, the vase of fresh flowers on the hall table, the real Christmas tree, the bowl of fruit on the dining table, the stack of logs by the fire are all perfect enhancements for your home during the festive period. Poinsettias promise miracles and magic, and Mistletoe keeps the atmosphere clear of negativity, tension and stress. When hung in a room, according to Feng Shui, Mistletoe also welcomes cash and luck into the house during the New Year ahead — and who doesn’t love having a space to steal a kiss from loved ones? 

Go For Gold 

Gold is symbolic of abundance and vitality in Feng Shui. It’s infused with the luminous energy of the sun and is a warm and welcoming color to use around your home, especially during the festive season. Other Feng Shui colors associated with wealth include gold, orange and purple. Combine abundance and togetherness by creating golden tablescapes with candlesticks, golden round charger plates, luxurious cutlery and luscious foliage to truly set the scene. 

Passionate about bringing purposeful attention to how we create meaningful living, Sarah is trained in the Western School of Feng Shui and works in homes and offices around the world to help her clients create more fortune and flow in their life. You can learn more about Feng Shui via her website at