Thursday, November 30
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Sweet Dreams

These Luxury Bedding Retailers are Reviving Sleep

Don’t get out of bed. This design trend is all about comfort — from beneath the sheets. We’re talking about luxury bedding, and not the arcane, monogrammed kind that you register for when you’re getting married. Bedding has come a long way in the past 10 years, so much so that it’s now an important part of home décor. Your bedding should reflect your personal taste. Do you want an easygoing bedroom design, where getting into bed is a relaxing, calming experience? Or does your design scheme tend less toward linen and more toward structured percale, with clean lines and tucked-in corners? 

Photo: Brooklinen

No matter your personal aspirations, online retailers are raising the bar on bedding to accommodate. A crop of hip, Internet-savvy brands have revived bedding, and they’re transforming the bedroom into a cozier, softer, and more well-worn space. Design trends are tacking toward softer fabrics and softer lines, less structure and more soothing earth tones. Take Parachute, for example, the luxury linen brand that was launched by CEO and founder Ariel Kaye on the Internet in 2014. 

The brand, which now also produces towels and bathrobes, offers bedding in a number of materials: brushed cotton, linen, crisp percale, sateen. Colors mimic the earth (think of the pink-hued clay, for instance, or the orange-tinged terra, or the green-gray moss). The idea is a more casual, approachable bedroom, but one that still has an upmarket feel. Come in, lie down, and feel comfortable. 

Comfort has made its way to other luxury bedding brands, too. At Brooklinen, a luxury online retailer known for their high-end bedding and towels that was also launched in 2014, sheets are available in luxe sateen, classic percale, washed linen, heathered cashmere, and brushed flannel — an option for every bedroom style, it seems (an online tutorial helps match potential customers with their ideal sheet, based on body temperature and design choice). 

The luxe sateen, the brand’s best-seller, is a 480-thread count sheet that is a soft, medium-crisp bedding. Although the entire Brooklinen line could be described as casual and approachable (with the wrinkle-prone linen at the laissez-faire end of the spectrum), the luxe sateen is the best pick for those in search of a truly upscale bedding pick that won’t run too hot. 

Photo: Parachute

Boll and Branch, which launched in 2013, is Scott and Missy Tannen’s textile company centered around organic bedding. Sheet sets tend toward the formal; damask, hemmed, embroidered, and botanical are just some of the types of sets you’re likely to find at this online retailer. Boll and Branch sells six different types of fabrics, defined by their feel (Uniquely Soft Signature Fabric; Ultra-Refined Percale Fabric; Rare, Silky Reserve Fabric; Velvety, Breathable Flannel Fabric; Light, Airy Linen Fabric; and Relaxed, Stonewashed Chambray Fabric). 

As an added bonus, Boll and Branch, extending even further into the luxury market, offers complimentary design consultations, offering virtual appointments to help customers create a “personalized bedding experience,” with the help of their team of design experts. To sleep — perchance to dream — is even easier these days. Consider your bed a blank canvas, and dive right in.