Thursday, December 01
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After a gorgeous and busy summer season in the Hamptons, the real estate market continues to be strong this fall. With activity in all areas of the market, new construction booming, waterfront properties hot, and multiple bidding wars, the fall season is expected to be very dynamic.
As the summer winds down, a slow down is nowhere in sight for the real estate market in the Hamptons. With interest rates low, prices increasing, and even some bidding wars, the fall season is predicted to be very busy in the Hamptons!
As the summer heats up, the real estate market is getting even hotter, especially in the Hamptons. From the magnificent beaches to the chic boutiques, and cool nightspots, the Hamptons are the place to be!
After an extreme winter of seemingly endless snowstorms, arctic temperatures, and frigid wind chills, the spring thaw has finally arrived. With the deep freeze behind us, those warm summer beach days are within sight. As the real estate market heats up, now is the time to realize your dream home in the Hamptons.
Although 2014 started out with a “polar vortex” over much of the country, the housing market is warming up as it continues to make a steady recovery. With low inventory, rising home prices, new construction, fewer foreclosures, and a strong stock market, the housing market is predicted to be very dynamic in 2014. That story holds especially true for the Hamptons.
If you thought the weather was hot in the Hamptons this summer, how about the real estate market? It was at its “hottest” since the recession and is predicted to heat up even more this fall.
By all signs, the housing market is bouncing back in 2013. With tighter spring inventory, rising home prices, increased building, and a decline in foreclosures, housing is making a steady recovery. With summer rentals at an all time high and housing sales back to their pre-recession norms, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year.
While Washington struggles to get its “fiscal house” in order, Americans are making progress on their “own houses” as they are finally seeing a steady recovery in the housing market. By all accounts, prices have bottomed out, unemployment is dropping, the economy is picking up, builders are back in business, interest rates are low, new home sales and prices are rising and people are realizing that the time to buy is now.