Thursday, September 28
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All In The Family


Hampton’s Real Estate Showcase Magazine interview Cody & Zach Vichinsky of The Corcoran Group

Q:  As two of the more successful agents in the Hamptons, what is it that sets you apart from the pack?
A: As brothers, we share a common goal and are extremely passionate about what we do. Additionally, having grown up in this business, we have gained a lifelong familiarity with the spectrum of real estate. It is second nature. We have adopted and honed particular skill sets that meet the needs of Hamptons property owners and purchasers. We pride ourselves on our service, as we wake up every day with the mission statement of exceeding what has become expected of brokers. And most importantly, we have built a business around information. Everyone has access to the same information, but what good is it if it is not relevant, specific and digestible? We spend a lot of time researching and packaging information that is vital in our client’s decision process. This is a proven principal that keeps our buyers and sellers coming back for more.

Q: Can you tell us about some of your more notable sales? 
A: We work very hard to structure deals that make sense for investors, developers and end-users. We have orchestrated many types of transactions ranging from clientele looking for premiere oceanfront to large-scale new-construction projects from land sale to marketing the finished product. In the past 16 months, we have been involved with two of the largest clusters of land to sell in Bridgehampton in the last few decades. The most notable, Fair Hills of Bridgehampton, resulted in 22 new homes and 22 new exclusive listings for us. Another exciting opportunity that we closed was a large oceanfront property Southampton. We are certainly gratified and thankful to be involved with such unique projects.

Q: How would you describe your selling style? 
A: Our foundation is service. Buying property in the Hamptons is a unique experience; we take our clients’ time and money very seriously. We know that our best source of business is referrals from satisfied customers, so we go above and beyond to provide a service that is raises the bar. Secondly, as mentioned, we have built our business around a consultative approach. We are only as good as the information and value to we can provide our clients and customers. Lastly, we tailor our approach and offering to each client and each opportunity. No one is the same. So if you want new construction, we outline the value and highlight the craftsmanship. If you want a custom build on the water, we guide you through the intricate process of working with the proper municipalities, and if you want land, we thoroughly outline the investment potential and development process.

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