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Meet the Moore Team at The Corcoran Group, which represents extraordinary real estate and features some of the most exquisite luxury properties in the Hamptons, Hamptons Real Estate Showcase got a chance to sit down with them for a brief Q&A.


Montauk is a unique market. Agree? Why?
Montauk can only be described as eclectic. It offers the best of everything, but at a relaxed pace with a laid back vibe that appeals to most everyone. Montauk defines unspoiled natural beauty with nearly 70% land preserved.  Where else do you find four different types of waterfront properties; ocean, sound, lake and pond? Add world class fishing, a renowned golf course, fabulous restaurants, one of the ten best surfing beaches in the world, a working ranch, a working harbor, and nightlife that equals any in the Hamptons if you are looking for it. Montauk real estate reflects this spectrum with multi-million dollar oceanfront mansions to individual one bedroom units in an oceanfront trailer park. And they both share the same stretch of beach.

Advice for second home buyer
We have lived and worked in Montauk for quite some time and yet we are always discovering its secrets! A second home choice in many ways involves a lifestyle choice. We would suggest that a buyer explore all areas of Montauk and determine what is important to them and what will work for them in terms of their budget. If you want a sizable piece of property, look in Hither Woods. If you can’t afford waterfront, look in  Panorama or Shepherds Neck where the topography offers hilltop properties with panoramic views. Want to walk to the beach? Then you should look in Ditch Plains or Hither Hills. Golfer?  We have properties that abut one of the top 10 public courses in the country. Prefer proximity to calmer bay beaches over the surf at ocean beaches? Look along East Lake Drive, and at the end you’ll find beautiful Gin Beach, a favorite with the locals.  Does kayaking calm your soul? Then the areas surrounding Fort Pond Bay are for you. Once you’ve settled on an area that you love, it would be advisable to be pre-approved by your bank or mortgage broker before you make an offer.  And don’t be afraid to make offers!

Notable Sales?
We sold a home to Lou Reed a few years ago. He was referred to us by a noted local artist after looking for many years with other brokers. We brought him to a low-key but magical property, and he and his wife, Laurie Anderson, fell in love with it. Mr. Reed has recently passed away and we learned that he spent his last days in the home that he called his “spiritual retreat.” That was enormously gratifying to us.

Most personally satisfying part of job?
Whether we are listing a home for sale or searching listings for a customer, we like to look beyond the physical structure and focus more on the lifestyle choices associated with a home.  We believe it is important to learn the little things sellers loved about living in that home, and then work to project these concepts to prospective buyers. And we love the challenge of matching buyers with properties. The dynamics of the search are interesting because often the buyers have very specific criteria for their search, and then wind up buying something diametrically opposed to what they set out to find. Working as a team adds another dimension to the task as we each have ideas about what will work for our buyers and we don’t always agree. We’re now keeping individual scorecards to tally who was more often “right!”


Lois P. Moore
Licensed RE Salesperson with The Corcoran Group516.317.8727 | [email protected]

Peter J. Moore
Licensed Associate RE Broker with The Corcoran Group
516.313.0685 | [email protected]