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Interior Design Trends in The Hamptons

By HRES Staff Writer - December 28, 2018
HRES Hamptons Interior Design

The top styles of interior design reflect the mood of the times.  This past year saw many exciting design innovations that took old, classic themes and infused them with new life.  These are some of the exciting current trends in interior design.


In December, Pantone sets an annual precedent with its color of the year, and with 2018’s choice of Ultra Violet, it’s been a year of experimentation, color and thinking outside the box.

Mauve, lilacs and plum tones are blooming everywhere. This luxurious color represents wealth, creativity, wisdom, peace, ambition, pride, power, independence and so much more. Anna van Dongen, Space Matters Interior Design notes that interiors of the moment, “Celebrate maximalism and the eclectic style. Dark, moody colours with understated drama will take centre stage. Grey, beige and ‘greige’ will give their place to dark blues, gold, bronze, sumptuous greens, terracotta and ochre.”

Bolder Darker (less White) Kitchens

Jennifer Woch, House of J noted the move away from white in kitchen decor.  This was the year kitchens broke the rules! “Unconventional. Custom. Forward thinking. Functional. Stylish. Decor-wise, we see more patterned and textured backsplashes that wow. Color-wise, forget white cabinets unless you’re pairing it with another colour – soft pink, crisp cobalt, emerald green and even rich violet. Kitchens are getting a much-needed design overhaul. Time to start thinking outside the kitchen box!

Bringing Nature Indoors

Now that our palettes have gone organic, it seems our homes must follow as well.  Many clients feel a sense of calm in nature, and have requested design to emanate and reflect that calm. Move over navy, and enter sage. Recently shared images to Pinterest show sage booming in popularity, as people adopt it as a ‘new neutral’ color for their bedrooms. 

The sage green color palette is simply gorgeous.  Walls with patterned foliage, botanical print on classic upholstery and natural stone flooring are all part of this lovely decor.  Homeowners are opting for reclaimed wood, handcrafted and recycled furniture, pebbles, granite, marble, and those materials that resemble and complement natural elements.  We see a lot of refined, natural materials in décor, like sodalite bath accessories.


Greenery has been a rising trend for a while now, with more and more people filling their homes with foliage in a bid to counteract our increasingly urban lives.  And it’s not just houseplants; it’s also wallpaper prints to fabric patterns, as well as smaller home accessories such as ceramics and tableware. Green upholstery is also set to become a key trend, particularly plush velvet in eye-catching shades of forest green, pine and emerald. Even the normally muted Scandinavian brands have been steadily adding these hues to their collections for 2018.

Black is the New Black.

Sleek, dark stylishness paired with metals add a touch of glamour.  Black is not a color to dominate an interior scheme – or else the result will make the inhabitants feel as if they are living in space, however when used on accessories, patterns and supporting acts of furniture, the result can make a real statement.  Black also adds sparkle and allure.

Va Va Voom Curves

One of the biggest changes taking place in interior design trends is the use of curves and smooth edges instead of the usual boxy edges and clean lines among furniture designs. From soft and puffy chairs to curved coffee tables, these interior design elements are all about comfort and elegance.  These shapes often resemble furnishings from previous decades, so it seems like the interior design trends of the 80’s and the 70’s are making a comeback this year as well.

Statement Ceiling

According to Linzi Kettle of Granit, “At the end of 2017, statement ceilings started making an appearance and we feel that this will continue throughout the next year – we are already big fans of it! The ‘fifth wall’ is no longer an area of the room that we want to ignore and tone down. Instead, we are seeing bolder designs which can be achieved by using printed or textured wallpaper, striking paint colours, exposed beams and detailed plaster or timber mouldings.”

Earthy Colors

Perhaps it’s a reaction to all the loudness of the news this past year:  The antidote to an alarming, bold and brash outside world is soothing calm aesthetic of subtle, mellow earth tones. Fiona Crisp, Styleophile UK recommends “Soft, powdery shades ranging from blush pink through burnt orange teamed with accents of exposed wood, represent the fresh, earthy palatte.  These mellow hues are your new neutrals if you can’t face another shade of grey.  Embracing the beauty and bounty of nature, use apricot, dusky rose and (whisper it) terracotta shades – but in their modern, chalky manifestations.  The attraction of these latest grown-up pastels is their ability to work well with the existing furniture in our homes. Brass, marble and especially natural wood, enhance these peach, paprika and iced coffee tones to bring a sense of nature to our homes in an increasingly crazy world.”

The Return of Wallpaper

Wallpaper, is back, and not your grandmother’s wallpaper.  Think tactile natural materials such as rich velvets teaming up with geometric patterned or chintz floral soft furnishings, and larger than life botanical or arty wallpapers.  Installing wallpaper is a great way to add an interesting twist to your dull living spaces.  This years wallpapers were more decorative and bold than ever before and this interior design trend is certain to replace the use of artwork and other art pieces for wall décor.  Some of the most popular wallpaper designs for 2018 featured landscape scenery, abstract shapes, and colorful geometric patterns.

In the Hamptons

So many people write about the Hamptons and style because the Hamptons is style.  The nature, the ocean, the beauty, the culture of the Hamptons has created its own brand of iconic Americana.

In the Hamptons, trends come and go, but there are three basic styles.  

Old World Traditional

There is the old world décor of old money families, reflecting tradition, the love of horse sports, and the classics.  Rich Italianate living rooms looking out on romantic gardens. Think mahogany, chintz, oil portraits of the generations, romantic canopy beds, like Jackie Kennedy slept on as a child in East Hampton.


Homes by the water often feature large open spaces that let the outdoors in.  White on white minimalism is the norm. Modern clean light-stained wooden floors and bright, light colored clean furnishings.

Something’s Gotta Give

Diane Keaton in her iconic white turtlenecks in her fabulous-from-floor-to-ceiling home on the beach is the ultimate in Hamptons style.  It is a sophisticated take on country meets seaside.  The goal with this interior style is to achieve a balance between the clean and contemporary with the imperfect and rustic for an end result that is elegant, casual, chic and sophisticated.  There is an appreciation for organic modernism as well as historical architecture.  Think neutrals, jute rugs, buttoned cushions, upholstered headboards, yeah, like the one where Jack and Diane first wound up in bed together!

Time and cost for the perfect Hamptons Décor

Depending on how involved you are wanting to get, winter and spring are generally the perfect time to start thinking about redecorating for the summer.  Obviously, home renovations are much larger projects, while decorating is more superficial and less time-intensive. Designers like Alicia Murphy of Alicia Murphy Design partner with architects and builders to coordinate larger projects.

Meg Braff of Meg Braff Designs injects her projects with playful glamour and a modern perspective, adapting to each client’s lifestyle.  She locates vintage pieces and uses them in her interiors and as inspiration for her wallpaper and textile designs. Coupled with these objects, her pastel palettes and pattern combinations offer an eclectic take on classic preppy style.

Any of the talented local interior designers can take your time parameters and work within your budget to do anything from a simple makeover to more elaborate, larger-scope projects.  For those that want to design on a dime, Milton and King have tips for Hamptons Luxe look on a budget.

Whatever you choose, remember that design reflects mood and evokes feeling.  So whether you want to decompress in a zen, neutral sanctuary or be wowed every moment of the day by bold art and design, inspiration is all around to create the world you want to come home to that reflects your personal style.

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