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Paul Manafort Was a Bad Neighbor in Bridgehampton

At the end of last year, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy and agreed to work with Mueller’s team in an investigation into the United States’ 2016 presidential election.

As part of his plea deal, Manafort gave up four of his New York City properties and his Bridgehampton estate on the East End at 174 Jobs Lane. His seized assets are reported to be worth an estimated $40 million.

A recent New Yorker article by Tyler Foggatt interviewed Manafort’s Bridgehampton neighbor, Lewis Berman, who told the magazine that his family had problems with the Manaforts ever since they moved in. Lewis said that Manafort managed to build “his house three and a half feet taller than what the zoning allowed,” and completely ruined his views of the sunsets. He also didn’t properly secure his garbage, which caused Berman’s dog to get sick after getting into some of the trash.

Then, after the property had been seized by the government, the USMS had failed to maintain the 174 Jobs Lane home to the point where the allergens in the 10-inch-high grass on the property had a direct impact on Berman’s family.

Berman’s recently incarcerated neighbor will be spending his summer at Rikers Island rather than a McMansion in the Hamptons. It doesn’t seem like Bridgehampton residents will mind.

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