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Sean Avery Builds Homes in Southampton

When you step inside a Sean Avery home prepare to be amazed and awestruck by the beauty and detail that both of his new properties have to offer. HRES sat down with Sean Avery and his real estate broker Matthew Breitenbach of Douglas Elliman to discuss each home located in the Village of Southampton. Sean recently finished his first project at 82 Prospect Street which looks to be a Hamptons traditional, but don’t be fooled by the modern sleekness of it all. His second project, which is in construction now at 84 David Whites Lane, is going to be luxury modern, but with a touch of vintage traditional mixed in.

SA: From modeling to hockey you’re a man with many talents. What made you decide to go into real estate?
What really gave me the bug was I helped remodel my wife’s house, who was my fiancèe at the time. She had a home in Southampton Village. I really enjoyed the entire process and how much value we added to the property once it was completed. I like working at my own speed, along with local tradesmen who bring a lot of knowledge to each project we do. From there I started working on another project, and now I’m finishing up my second property which is very different from the first.

SA: With so many options how did you come to work with Matthew Breitenbach to represent your properties?
Matt and I just clicked from the day I met him. Matt is able to put his own youthful spin on selling houses which works with what I am trying to do with my homes. Matt is a true real estate professional who really understands the market here in the Hamptons.

MB: What type of buyer would be attracted to one of Sean’s properties?
The buyer that purchases one of Sean’s houses will be someone that appreciates quality design and style. There is a new generation of buyers driving the Hamptons market. These potential buyers are tired of the same cookie cutter traditional home that has been built time and time again. Sean’s style of development is a breath of fresh air for the Hamptons, and is very much in line with what is going on in other major luxury real estate markets, such as Miami and LA.

SA: Your properties are original in that they are modern, yet warm and traditional. Tell us more about your style?
I have always had in interest in design. I also have respect for the traditional, and realize that most older homes need to be updated,  I do that with a modern twist. I am a fan of simplicity, but it also needs to be functional…a very clean look, but still warm and comfortable to live in. It’s all about maximizing the space to work for you, all while blending the old with the new.

MB: How does Sean’s style of development connect with your brand of real estate?
Sean and I are cut from the same cloth. We are visionaries in both our respected fields. Sean’s style of development is progressive…building for the next generation of Hamptons buyers. My brand of real estate is similar. My business is built for  clients who demand a real estate experience that matches the world and culture they live in.

MB: What is next for you both? Will we see more collaborations between Sean Avery and The Matthew Breitenbach Team?
Sean and I plan to work together for a long time. After selling these two properties we will search for more deals and opportunities. My goal is to use the power of my brand to further empower and build his brand. Together the sky is the limit.