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A Legal Point Of View

“What is going on in the Hamptons real estate market now and what do you see happening in the near future?”

2014 has been, by far, the strongest real estate market we have seen and I see no signs of things slowing. Oceanfront properties are at a premium and there is little inventory. With the rising values of real estate, it’s more important than ever to get sound advice. Advice comes from a variety of sources and I think building an effective team is critical to practice locally. Large Manhattan firms are reaching out to us to be their local legal real estate solution who prefer not to have just their toe in the local waters. There are some very exciting and creative approaches to real estate projects taking place locally. I think the market is welcoming this creativity, and the ability of our firm in being able to bring these concepts to closing.

All we do is real estate .  We are here to provide insight and guidance through our knowledge of the law. That’s the fun part of my business…successfully connecting trusted people and helping them succeed.

-Adam Miller of The Adam Miller Group