A Day With…Marc Heskell of Saunders Associates

I really love publishing because I get to meet so many interesting people like Marc Heskell who is a dedicated family man and a professional real estate broker. Marc, a former banker working on Wall Street in Manhattan, moved to the Hamptons to start a family with his beautiful wife, and it was the best decision they ever made. Marc is a consistent top producer at Saunders & Associates who has participated in over $500 million in real estate sales.   

Current Status:  Broker with Saunders & Associates

Name your happy place: On the water, proximity makes the glass fuller

Phrases most used in real estate: Well Positioned and Properly Priced

Greatest Achievement: Meeting the love of my life, moving out east and starting our family together

Dream Vacation: Costa Rica, planning now for next spring

Real life hero:  Nelson Mandela — “ There is no passion to be found playing small”

Any regrets your willing to expose: All work and no play makes… you get the picture

Your Mantra: Welcome suggestions. Ha!

Your Second Act: Already on the second act (Real Estate), first was Wall Street/Finance. Two is enough

Proudest Moment: 2 tenths of a second from making the Olympic trials

Greatest Extravagance: Passion for speed (73 Porsche and 93 Harley)

Favorite Dish: My famous carpaccio, from going scalloping in the fall

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemptionwhy? Through unimaginable adversity humanity prevails

Favorite Season: When I first moved out here 15 years ago, winter was cold but now it’s hot, because nothing closes anymore, the Hamptons are truly 365

Coffee or Tea: Coffee, the stronger the better