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Meet The Agency

HRES sat down with Tyler Whitman, Dana Trotter, Rylan Jacka and Randi Ball to talk about why they decided to make their move to The Agency.

HRES: What inspired you to join The Agency?

Tyler Whitman: When The Agency acquired my previous company, I knew that The Hamptons was a market where this brand would dominate and be extremely well received. It is very clear that the Hamptons market responds well to the boutique approach to real estate. The Agency brand speaks to that luxury market and offers the global reach that is so important to our marketplace.

The Agency partners, Tyler & Dana

Dana Trotter: For me, the decision to join The Agency was driven by the desire for a fresh challenge and the opportunity to grow my career with a dynamic new brand. Over the years, I have been approached by many of the brokerages in the Hamptons, but a move never felt right…and those moves didn’t come with ownership. I thoroughly enjoyed my 27-year career with Sotheby’s, but I was drawn to The Agency brand, its boutique approach, and its collaborative culture. When Tyler presented the opportunity to join The Agency Hamptons as a partner, it felt like the perfect alignment of timing and vision. We’ve built a vibrant team and culture, which has been immensely rewarding. Our momentum continues to grow as we are now opening our new office in East Hampton and attracting top agents like Rylan Jacka and Randi Ball.

Rylan Jacka: My decision to join The Agency was driven by a desire to offer a more personalized and adaptive service to my clients, as well as to expand my own business capabilities. While my 17 years at Sotheby’s were formative and I gained invaluable experience there, I often found the traditional brokerage models somewhat restrictive. At The Agency, I am empowered to customize my approach using innovative marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology, which are essential for effectively managing high sales volumes. The Agency has presented me with the exceptional opportunity to play a key role in establishing a new luxury real estate boutique in the Hamptons. The East Hampton office, situated in my favorite village alley next to Tutto Caffé, boasts an atmosphere that is both fresh and vibrant. 


Randi Ball: The decision to join The Agency was driven by an unexpected yet compelling opportunity that presented itself. While I had not actively sought a change, the allure of The Agency’s offerings proved irresistible. Success in this industry often hinges on collaboration, and the prospect of working closely with Tyler, Dana, and Rylan is indeed a professional dream. Dana’s distinguished career trajectory and unwavering professionalism have long been a source of admiration and inspiration for me. Furthermore, Rylan and I possess complementary strengths, facilitating seamless collaboration. The Agency is an exciting new addition to the Hamptons market and quite frankly I wanted to be an integral part of a fast-growing company that mirrors my own work ethics and enthusiasm. 


HRES: What makes The Agency stand out in the competitive Hamptons market in terms of the overall client experience?

Dana & Tyler: What sets The Agency Hamptons apart is our unwavering commitment to client-centered concierge-style services. In a market crowded with “big box” real estate firms, we offer a unique boutique experience tailored to clients seeking personalized attention and top-tier service. By combining local expertise with global reach, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled visibility in both local and international markets. Through our extensive social network and marketing strategies, we aim to elevate our clients’ properties to a much broader audience while also maintaining a steadfast commitment to excellence. The Agency is reshaping the real estate experience, positioning us as the new standout choice in this esteemed market. We truly are part of the next generation of Hamptons real estate.

HRES: With your extensive experience in the industry, what advice do you have for individuals considering investing in the Hamptons real estate market, whether they are first-time buyers or seasoned investors looking to diversify their portfolio?

Dana: With over 28 years of Hamptons real estate experience, my advice to first-time buyers and seasoned investors alike is to conduct thorough research and seek professional guidance for their Hamptons property purchases. By defining a clear set of goals and budget constraints and by working with a knowledgeable real estate agent, we can identify a suitable list of properties to review together. Local knowledge is vital in our market, and utilizing our local connections can pay huge dividends to our clients. As agents, we help buyers stay informed about market trends, regulatory changes, and other developments. Ultimately, all this information combines to enable our clients to make better, more informed investment decisions. Patience, diligence, adaptability, and local advice are often the keys to success in the Hamptons real estate market.

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