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Meet The Broker

Christa Kearns From The Corcoran Group

It’s important to know real estate agents possess invaluable expertise, acquired through meticulous analysis of individual properties, thorough assessment of neighborhoods, and in-depth understanding of market trends. In the face of intense competition, they offer strategic guidance, empowering you with the insights and tactics essential for making successful home buying or selling decisions. 

HRES sat down with the talented Christa Kearns, from The Corcoran Group. Christa is an expert in Hamptons real estate and here’s why…

HRES: Why did you become a broker in the Hamptons? 
I was selling high-end luxury real estate in La Jolla, California alongside a top-producing broker and loving every second of it! Sunshine and surfers aside, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was missing an opportunity by not selling where I was born and raised. My grandfather was a well-known builder out east and this industry is in my blood. My aunt and her daughter are local realtors, my sister-in-law is an interior designer, and my brother and uncle are both builders, all in the East End market. I have never been one to wonder “what if”, so I packed my bags, my apartment, and my sunny life up and headed east. If I could handle La Jolla, I was confident I could tackle the Hamptons.

HRES: What qualities or certifications set you apart from other agents? 
I have a degree from the College of Charleston in community planning and preservation. The program included field work over traditional classroom study. I have hands-on experience in drafting, restoration, design-build, town planning, interior design, and sales. But that is the boring stuff. What honestly sets me apart is my personal approach to sales. Quite simply, it goes back to kindergarten and the Golden Rule. Every single person in a transaction, no matter what side of the deal you are on, is a human being. That warrants respect and honesty. I go the extra mile to make sure everyone involved feels taken care of and heard. My deals are fun!

HRES: Could you share a recent success story or a challenging situation you encountered in the real estate market and how you navigated it? 
My most challenging situations have actually been dealing with some of the other agents in this market. My goal is to change the dynamic of broker relationships in the Hamptons. Out with the sharks and in with the… dolphins? There is more than enough business to go around, collaborate, share, and celebrate in each other’s success. As the new girl on the block, I have of course dealt with some criticism and skepticism. I laid low, marched on and in just one month in what some are calling a historically-slow market, I sold 3 houses, put 2 more in contract and just listed another totaling $9.4M. I have sold $77.9M since 2020.

HRES: What strategies do you employ to stay updated with the latest market trends and developments in real estate and how do you apply this knowledge to benefit your clients?
Everyone who knows me, knows I love to talk. So, in work, I use it to my benefit — to talk about real estate. I wake up every day, study the market trends and ask myself: How am I going to tackle the newest challenge and adjust my approach? Then, I talk honestly and openly to my clients. I don’t dismiss their concerns or deny factual data just to close a deal. Instead, I use the data to best explain either a sale number, purchase price or negotiation. I do this by showing them. Not telling them. I hear their concerns, acknowledge and address them, and then make an honest game plan to achieve their goal together.