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Hamptons Building Boom

Construction is booming once again in the Hamptons. With the demand
for new construction at an all time high since the great recession of
2008, both modern and traditional homes are popping up throughout
the Hamptons. With so many builders to choose from, now is the time
to make your dream home become a reality.


Mary Giaquinto of Plum Builders, Inc. observes that a major trend
in Hamptons building is a focus on the quality of the location, the
structure’s siting on the lot, its architecture, and how successfully those
criteria come together. She notes the most popular design is the mixing
of interior modern finishes using organic materials such as natural woods
and stone arranged in clean lines with classic architectural exteriors in a
seamless integration. New construction is always in demand as it promises
low maintenance, current design, and the thoughtful allocation of space
and traffic flow. Up-to-date features and amenities include summer
kitchens, finished lower levels, and home technology. Homeowners are
embracing nature making use of unique all year round property views.
Also important is bringing the outside in and the inside out while
making use of the outdoor space. Solar energy is becoming more of a
valued feature and is an asset for the homeowners. Mary reflects, “The
pulse of the building environment is challenging for all because costs of
land, construction services, labor and materials are all rising and there is
limited supply.”

Steve Pryzby of Farrell Building Company reflects that prime
properties (south of the highway) are seeing significant price increases as
land becomes less available. Large lots are harder to find so the one-acre
building lot with a 5500-6000 sq. ft. house with a pool and spa is starting
to dominate sales. Classic gables are still popular but more custom built
modern designed homes around oceanfront communities are also the
trend. He remarks, as opposed to renovation, new construction is a
simpler process and a better investment that can be customized around
one’s personal lifestyle. Trends in new homes in the Hamptons are first
floor masters (in addition to second floor masters), more emphasis in
the outdoor living spaces (outdoor fire pits, kitchens, and screened
porches), and an average of 5500-6000 sq. ft. living space as opposed to
the mansions prior to 2008. Steve observes, “Building is booming with
many new projects and faces on the landscape.”

Michael Crocitto of East End Building Company believes custom
homes tailored to each individual’s tastes and needs are in great demand
in the Hamptons whether for entertaining or for family centered
activities or both. Green homes are always desired for their energy
efficiency. Also homes that combine modern design with historical and
traditional architecture are sought after. He observes there is an increase
in contemporary and modern designs, but the most popular designs are
still the classic gable roof and gambrel designs. Customization, energy efficiency, and home automation are the prime reasons that attract people to new construction. Trendy features are pool houses, 3+ car garages, expanded lower levels (that include theaters, wine cellars, and more), home automation, and a grand outdoor space. Michael exclaims, “The market is strong and new construction is highly desirable.”

Phil Kouffman of MKL Construction Corp. remarks the new
trends in Hamptons building focuses on size, materials, and technology.
He sees an overall increase in size of new construction homes such as the
10,000 sq. ft. home they recently completed in the Georgica area of East
Hampton. The use of higher-end materials is very desirable including
wood, stone countertops, and glass throughout the house. Modern
technology is also incorporated in the home. Modern home designs
are becoming more popular with floor to ceiling glass throughout with
unique stonework. For modern homes “less is more” with clean, sleek,
and minimalist lines. For traditional homes, there is much more detail
with higher-end finishes. A majority of homebuyers in the Hamptons
are interested in new construction. They prefer to buy a piece of land or
a “tear-down” and create a customized home that reflects their individual
lifestyles and tastes. Phil observes, “Hamptons building is definitely on
an upswing. There’s a lot of building going on with new construction
and major renovations. It’s a very exciting time to be building in the Hamptons.”

With the emergence of organic materials, modern technology, and
green design, now is the time to build your new home in the Hamptons.
Customize your first floor master suite, lower level theater, or outdoor
kitchen to your personal taste. From modern to traditional, you can
enjoy your Hamptons dream home in style.

Ruth Thomas, a freelance writer on the East End enjoys history, music, literature,
art, nature, the beach, and her cute dachshund, Clancy. She can be contacted at
[email protected]