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Respect, Courtesy, and A Positive Attitude


By Claudette Greenstein

Every once in a while I like to write about my own experiences working with someone in the community. This summer I got to meet Mr. Joseph Salvi, and from the very first phone call I knew I had chosen the right person. Mr. Salvi’s style is personable, positive, and he gets right to the point. No wasting time with this man. He made me feel at ease within the first five minutes of our first meeting and it only got better from there. I am very thankful for his knowledge of real estate in the Hamptons and working with him has been a pleasure.

HRES: Why did you become a lawyer?

JS: I became interested in law when I was a young child, based upon my conception of what lawyers were and what they did. I remember watching lawyers portrayed on television and in movies and was drawn to that impression of lawyers as intelligent, dignified and righteous. I wanted to pursue a career which was grounded in intellectual pursuits and had purpose and meaning.

HRES: Your area of expertise is everything real estate…why?

JS: What I really enjoy about being a real estate attorney is the diversity of the practice. While the largest area of my practice is transactional work, I also practice in areas of litigation involving real estate, including contract disputes and landlord tenant proceedings. Additionally, I routinely appear before local zoning board of appeals regarding land use issues. The practice of real estate law provides me a large range of interesting practice areas and affords me the opportunity to have diversity in what I do every day.

HRES: Can you tell us about one of your more memorable moments practicing law? 

JS: One of my most memorable moments in practicing law occurs nearly daily, when I close a real estate transaction. There is something very gratifying about being involved in a real estate transaction from inception to closing, working through the various issues, which invariably arise. I also enjoy the relationships which I get to establish with real estate agents; lenders; other real estate attorneys and, of course, clients. I view real estate transactions as non-adversarial contract negotiations leading to the transfer of real property. It is imperative to keep the focus on the goals of the parties and for all involved to cooperate to create a calm and smooth real estate transaction for all involved. If a buyer and seller have agreed upon the general terms of a transaction, it is certainly not incumbent upon the lawyers to frustrate that; rather, it is our job to protect our clients in a reasonable manner and to get the transaction to the closing table, which is, of course, the end goal for all involved.

HRES: What principles have guided your professional life?

JS: In my professional life, it is always my desire to have a happy client. I try very hard to keep personalities out of negotiations and practice. I always try to project to others a certain level of respect and courtesy which I would hope to receive from them. I genuinely enjoy what I do and approach my law practice with a positive attitude and a smile on my face, which I believe is helpful in all areas of practice and life.

HRES: Can you tell us a little more about the man behind the “Attorney At Law?”

JS: At the end of the day, I get to go home to my beautiful wife Jill, my amazing daughters, Sabrina and Isabelle, and my adorable four-year old son, Levi. I cherish time with the family on our boat, in the pool, at the beach, and everything else the Hamptons has to offer. I have lived out here for the past 26 years and have no intention of leaving anytime soon.