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35 Years as the Hamptons’ Classic Real Estate Firm

Joan Tutt has been involved in the real estate market in the Hamptons for over 35 years. As a local and one of the more seasoned brokers, her drive in the business is one that has stood the test of time. HRES sat down with Joan to answer questions about her career.

HRES: Do you specialize in a particular area of the Hamptons? If yes, which area and why?
JT: Although I have sold properties from East Quogue to Montauk, as well as Shelter Island, a majority of my sales for the past 35 years have been in Southampton, Water Mill and Sag Harbor.

HRES: Have you ever personally invested in Hamptons Real Estate?
JT: In 1969, I purchased my first piece of property in Southampton, and designed and built, the first of three personal houses in the area over the course of ten years. The third house is where I still live and have been working from since I started my business in 1981. Consistency, same business, same location, same phone number for 35 years! Also I have bought, sold and developed many parcels of land since then. So, yes, I advocate for what I do, as I do it myself.

HRES: Tell us about one of your current listings?
JT: This summer I was fortunate to be contacted by a location scout – after she saw my ads running in HRES. My job was to find a waterfront, very modern house with lots of glass that looks like it was in Miami. The property that was selected, was just that, but in Southampton Shores.

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HRES: What is your real estate philosophy?
JT: My real estate philosophy has always been to service my buyers and sellers-to help guide them to making good decisions, based on their needs, desires and budget. My “3 P Philosophy~ People~Patience~Perspiration, “ seems to have done the trick, as my customers have become my friends, and my friends have become my customers for over 35 years!

HRES: Why did you become a real estate broker, and what specific qualities do you offer your clients?
JT: I enjoy working with people. You have to be a people person to be in real estate. When you have been in it as long as I have, you follow so many families’ journeys- an entire life cycle: first home, investments, larger home to accommodate growing families, moving into smaller accommodations when the children have grown, retirement sales, selling to the next generation, helping with estate sales. Have done it all.