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For die-hard Ditch Plains wave riders, surfing style rolls into the home as well.
Montauk has changed rapidly in the past few years. While the Montauk from my childhood in the 1970s didn’t look much different than it does now--I remember buying candy in White’s with my allowance, chasing my brothers and sisters around the tiny IGA, swimming at Ditch Plains—the atmosphere is much changed, even from the early 2000s.
Fortunately my sinuses were not clogged, but I felt them clear anyway as I breathed in the mineral-saturated air at the Montauk Salt Cave. Known for their health benefits, salt chambers are popping up all over the country. And “if it’s ‘groovy,’ it ends up in Montauk,” says realtor Lois Moore in Corcoran’s Montauk office.
Montauk will not be the same without Russell “Rusty” Drumm, legendary surfer, fisherman, writer, and co-founder of The Oceans Institute of the Montauk Lighthouse Museum, aka The Montauk Surf Museum, that just opened last summer. Born in Syracuse, NY on February 8, 1947, raised in Levittown, Long Island, Rusty passed away on January 16, 2016 at the age of 68.
Amobile home park in the tony Hamptons? You betcha. Sometimes called “the million-dollar trailer park,” the 20-acre community has got arguably the best views on the entire East End. And access to Ditch Plain beach, a surfing mecca. Which is why several hip billionaires have pitched tent, I mean, trailer there.
Former commercial artist Dalton Portella now earns his living as a fine artist, photographer, and sometime musician. After a successful career in advertising, the last decade creating movie posters for Miramax Films –from Pulp Fiction to Aviator – he moved to Montauk to “forsake the almighty dollar to concentrate on fine art.”
The mobiles and sculptures of Geoffrey Kuzara are an expression of the Wyoming native’s long immersion in the natural world. And yet he is not the kind of artist who deals in faithful renderings of flora and fauna. All the wild creatures in his remarkable bestiary--herons in repose, raptors in flight, monolithic fishes--suggest elemental forms.
You’ve most likely driven by it and let out a sigh of appreciation: the quaint farmhouse rising out of the potato fields just north of the highway on the Southampton-Water Mill border. You would have made note of it in your mind’s eye as a rare and poignant reminder of the South Fork’s agrarian heritage. It practically shouts ‘authenticity.’
Luisa Keszler has been exposed to the market from early in childhood. Having earned degrees in Sociology and Marketing from the University of Miami, she went on to learn the business side of real estate as a Marketing Coordinator. Once Luisa became an agent, she immediately achieved success by assisting a number of customers in finding their dream homes.
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